Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recent favorites

Some favorites boppin' around my world lately:

This song. I could listen to it endlessly. It's been months, and it's still on heavy rotation over here.

This show. 

Man, am I hooked. I started Season 1 Episode 1 while nursing H one day, thinking it'd be a casual fling I'd have over maternity leave. By Episode 3 I was calling in T so he could join the fun. Marathons being what they are, we finished the entire series a week ago. So there we were, halfway through Season 3, ready for new January episodes… and it's not coming back until the end of February?! What are two hopeless addicts to do?

(Answer: House of Cards, Season 2, starting February 1.)

This sketch. Because there's simply nothing funnier on the internet to me right now, weeks after my original guffaw. (Confession: this ditty actually gets stuck in my head worse than the aforementioned actual song that I love.)

This photo. There's not a shot in the world that's ever made me happier… and the competition is pretty fierce.

In the morning we're heading up to New York to meet T's family for a big hockey game. My baby daddy's excitement at taking H to her first college hockey game is adorable - a tiny letter sweater is involved. There will be photos. 

On Monday I'm back at the office, and I feel good about that. I miss work. I know I'm heading back earlier than a lot of people do, and I'm partially complicit in that, thanks to the demands of my pet project. The other part of it is, you know, this. I'm nervous only about how well daytime pumping will go and if I can keep with her. The rest is, well, the stuff of life. I'm sort of ready to get that going already, you know? 


  1. That is a great photo!

    The first day will be the toughest. Then it will all fall into place.

    p.s., Scandal is bananas and I love it. I'm on team Jake.

  2. The picture of your girl is ADORABLE

    Ugh, and scandal...we watch on netflix to it takes even longer to get the new season-we're hooked

  3. I am so thrilled you are back to blogging. I'm also happy to hear that a smartie fell for my new guilty pleasure too. Scandalous!

  4. ooooooomg, that SNL skit is completely magical. It's been in my head off-and-on ever since I saw it too.


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