Thursday, June 5, 2014

Work closet faves

I haven't bought many new clothes since packing away my maternity stuff - rediscovering old favorites has been fun. You know, "I forgot about this!" and also transitioning from stuff not fitting to one day, look at that - it zipped. (Note to self - get back to working out post-vacay so that sentence doesn't haunt me.) Six months post-delivery, I can say that skirts and dresses are definitely more my friend than pants. These three items have been getting heavy rotation at the office, and also heavy compliments! Go get 'em while they're on sale.

Anthro Montagne Pencil Skirt
This graphic skirt looks fantastic with a simple black top and strappy sandals - gets a compliment literally every time I put it on.
Boden Modern Pencil Skirt
The "petal shower" floral works with white, navy, or chambray really well. It's springy without being overly sweet. Strappy nude sandals and you're done.
Anthro Teahouse Dress
I have the red (actually more of a coral), which I'd worn without mention a couple of times pre-vacation. Post-vacation with a tan, though, strangers stopped me at lunch to ask where I got it. Love the sleeve detail on this, and the cut is uber-flattering.


  1. eek love all of these! I'm glad the skirt isn't in stock at my anthro otherwise I'd probably pick it up for J's baptism this weekend! The dress is though, but looks like nursing could be a challenge in it:)

  2. That dress is fab. I think I might need it. The skirts are great too!

  3. Love them all! I'm pretty sure I was sporting maternity pants at the office 6 months post baby. Darn if I don't love a good elastic waist band.

  4. i love that anthro pencil skirt!!!


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