Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Hello Friday! I'm looking forward to a weekend of neighborhood relaxation, catching up with friends, and pumping like a madwoman. First, though, a day full of meetings... and some fun links! Stuff I'm loving this Friday includes:

Beyoncé Voters

What can I say, I love a trendy political tumblr. I think it was Texts with Hillary that set the bar for the genre so high (for me, anyway). And now Beyoncé Voters is on the scene, gallantly serving that important life role of "procrastination rabbit hole." Nicely done, Beyoncé Voters, nicely done. (Side note: can anyone explain why "Beyoncé" has an accent on the last 'e'? No really, this bugs the crap out of me.)

Vigilante Cold Brew

 This summer I've become completely obsessed with Vigilante Coffee's cold brew. I love the Red Stripe-meets-JFK bottles. I love the ease of refills, every weekend at Eastern market. But mostly, I love how smooth and strong this stuff is. Locals, go get some - seriously.

Fantasy Hideaway Wallpaper

This wallpaper is so dreamy to me. I picture a renovated attic study, totally girly, books everywhere, a great desk, and a comfy broken-in velvet sofa. My kind of room.


  1. Also loving cold brew coffee. So strong! So smooth!

    & yours is a bargain - here in ATX it's $6 for a 12 oz. Pricey.

  2. Um, Beyoncé Voters is KILLING ME right now. New favorite. (I'm assuming the é is so no one pronounces her name Be-yonts. But obviously it is obnoxious.)

  3. i know i'm a few days late, but this new design is so fab!! and beyonce can do whatever she damn pleases with punctuation. throw an umlaut on that o and somehow it would still be perfection.

  4. I have yet to try cold brew coffee, but I'm thinking this is a bandwagon I need to jump on...

  5. Not sure why the accent is obnoxious. In French, that accent is necessary for pronunciation and I assume it at least gives the hint to English speakers (though my mother has asked what I think of "Bee-yonce" after seeing her perform on a TV show so it's not got a perfect record there). Given her ethnic background is legitimately French/Creole (thank you, Wikipedia), it doesn't seem like an affectation, which is the only reason I could imagine it might be obnoxious. Well, or if she took issue with the accent being left out by lazy people like me.

    Do appreciate the link, though! I <3 a good meme, esp. with nerdy or (liberal) political and pop undertones.

  6. Grrr... the Reply button is working. Anyway, @Amy and @Julia, I'm sure you're right - without it people might say "Be-yonts." I guess I think since most people accentuate the middle syllable and not the last it's not technically correct? Clearly this does not matter in comparison to the genius of the Beyoncé Voters tumblr, so I'll leave it at that ;-)


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