Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

My three picks for the week:
Haiku Duel

Please allow me to brag about two hometown heroes, the dynamic husband and wife duo known as Basashi-san and Mozza-san. On their brilliant blog Haiku Duel, my pals offer up competing haikus about topical news of the day in posts like Battle Karadzic War Crimes Trial and Battle Federer on the Grand Slam. Readers vote on their favorite haiku, and then tune in the next week for the outcome, along with a "glorious victory haiku" and "shameful defeat haiku." Think it can't get any better? Oh, it can: comments are accepted only in haiku form, and if they're good enough, you might find yourself spotlighted as the "extraordinary spectator haiku." Go get caught up the gloriousness of Haiku Duel, and get ready to vote in the new battle... I hear it's going to be posted tonight.

Beautiful Revolution

I fell in love with this Beautiful Revolution piece, seen over at a new (to me) blog, The Bedlam of Beefy. In a different light, this piece from the Love Letter series is just a little bit amazing.

The One-Liners of Roger Sterling

I'm still in denial that Mad Men is over for the season, and helping that cause is this fantastic composite of Roger Sterling one-liners from Season 3, courtesy of New York Magazine. Maybe NYM can do video tributes to every character for a while to help soothe the pain? While I wait breathlessly for the Peggy and Joan montages... long live the Silver Fox!


  1. I adore Roger. I rewound him raising his hand to vote int he finale three times it was so funny.

  2. Oh Roger Sterling--he is just the ultimate guy's guy, huh? I love him. And I can't believe I have to wait until summer to hear is witty one-liners. Last night I felt so adrift with no Man Men to watch.


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