Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen Gadgetry: Immersion Blender

Yesterday's post featuring Spicy Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup mentioned that I use an immersion blender to avoid pouring hot soup into a blender in order to puree it. In comments, Samma asked more about my blender. Here's the scoop:

I have a Kitchenaid model, available on Amazon for $50:

I considered buying a Breville that was three times the price, but the reviews of this one convinced me to give it a try. I figured that for my needs - pureeing soups, not crushing ice - the cheaper model would be fine. It's been great. Here it is in action:


As you can see, I'm using the blender right inside my big 'ol dutch oven. My dutch oven is 6.5 quarts and somewhat of a beast. Lifting this thing and gracefully pouring boiling liquids into an upright blender? Not going to happen. The immersion blender has been my lifesaver in this regard.

Bonus for moms out there: my friend MaryBeth uses her Cuisinart immersion blender (even cheaper than mine - I'm jealous!) to make baby food for her newborn. As with my soup pureeing, she says baby food-making is a snap with one of these.

A huge time saver (not to mention mess preventer), this tool. Less time and less mess? I'm a fan!


  1. I have the Cuisinart one and used it last night for carrot soup - total life saver as I am someone who had the actual blender leak soup all over my counter in the past. What a mess.

  2. I definitely need an immersion blender, cast iron pots are impossible to lift when full. Any recommendations for a mandoline slicer?

  3. MB's immersion blender has been added to my Christmas list!

  4. I love mine! I'm living without a food processor as well, Maggie-I should probably get the mandoline next :)

  5. I will be buying this one- I have the same problem with my dutch oven. Jillian herself couldn't handle a massive full Le Creuset!

  6. I love my immersion blender. Use it all the time to puree veggies that will later be hidden in my toddler's meals. Oh, the delight of watching her scarf cauliflower-laden mac and cheese!

  7. Oh, yes! Two of my favorite kitchen items. Though I need to find more recipes that call for the use of an immersion blender ... pre-babies!


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