Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's the Eve of Christmas Eve, and I'm feeling enormously grateful tonight. 'Tis the perfect season for gratitude, in my mind. Forget endless shopping lists, forget the mall, forget harried travel. Simplicity reigns this year, for us and for our loved ones. And you know what? I kinda love it this way.

Last week our friends had a beautiful baby girl. We forged ahead with Project: Next Big Step. I buried myself in work while T took planes and trains and cabs and subways to make something happen. We think it might have worked.

He came home to me on Sunday night, where I made the first dish I ever made for him, years ago: a sauceless pasta with spicy sausage, spinach, and bread crumbs. It radiates comfort, and it was that kind of night: deep-rooted contentment shot through with the kind of relief that only time apart can produce.  And there's this gem, still, speaking to us from the fridge:

This week we've had so many small blessings on the job front, little signs here and there that it might all be okay. On the family front, my aunt Jill will be able to join us Sunday for a post-Christmas celebration on the family farm. She found out she had cancer right after our wedding, and I haven't been able to see her since. Here we are with Aunt Jill at our Welcome Cookout, where she presented us with a quilt that she made for our wedding gift.

Our names are on the sailboats. Wouldn't it be nice if cancer could float away as swiftly as they can? We'll be celebrating the end of chemo on Sunday, by the way.

More goodness today, when I was able to reconnect with some of the best women I know. To those girlfriends who brightened my day today with your presence, voices, and words, you know who you are. And tonight: excited calls from the homefront, giddy about our fast-approaching reunion.

So this is me, on the Eve of the Eve. Presents are wrapped and work is done. All that's left is to wait, and to enjoy. I've been so turned off this year by hyped-up commercialism and negativity and petty complaints, but sitting here in the simple pleasures of this space and this moment, I feel only the contentment we've achieved throughout this turbulence, and it makes me proud. Put into the world what you most want out of it, I say.

To health and to happiness and a holiday that couldn't have come any sooner... I love this time of year.

Our Christmas card this year... fabulous letterpress courtesy of Mr. Boddington


  1. Merry Christmas Maggie! I know big things they are a comin for you and Trevor! Your optimism has been so inspiring these past few weeks.

  2. What a beautiful quilt and such inspiring words. Merry Christmas!

  3. I feel you. I'm getting married on January 9th, and my almost husband and I both found out last week that our Spring jobs had fallen through. It's nice to hear from someone else in a similar situation who is doing a good job of not panicking and letting the contentment of the season sink in. Although I'm nervous, it's been amazing to get to spend time with my family this past week. I appreciate your words today. Thanks and have a happy Christmas.

  4. What wonderful words of encouragement and kindness. The hardships you all have experienced would be too much for some, but I admire your endurance, positivity and perspective. Merry Christmas, and wishing you and your family all the best in 2010.:)

  5. i might have said this before...but i love what you have to say. witty, sure, but best of all, true. what a good reminder to be grateful for ALL that we have (because, for most of us, it really is so very much...)

    good luck with the next big thing!!!! :)

  6. Reading this post made me feel warm, comforted, and that there are still wonderful people in this world. A very good feeling following this Christmas holiday. Your hope and positive take on life is inspiring and I plan on being positive and grateful for all of the little things today.

    Wishing you an amazing 2010 that exceeds expectations and blesses you beyond belief.

  7. How perfectly put. It IS the perfect season for gratitude!!

  8. What a beautiful post with such positive energy. I hope you had a completely lovely Christmas.


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