Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Oh, Friday I'm Love, how I've missed you! Although my folders are bursting with fun finds, I wanted to do videos today due to my short attention span. See, I'm busy - my parents are driving up later today to spend the weekend with us. DRIVING UP! This has not happened... ever. I've always lived an airplane ride away. I can't wait to see them and kick some apartment ass around this place. But the fun doesn't end there: on Sunday, my pal Richard is staying with us, too. Check in over on Twitter on Sunday, where I'll surely be Oscar-tweeting to my heart's content while Richard makes me giggle-snort with snark. But enough intro... on to the fun videos!

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Nope, this isn't new. But I'm still obsessed with it. We play this commercial all the time around here. Just amazing. Amazing, I tell you!


We are huge Community fans. Here's just a taste of why. Go watch the show, seriously. And yes, that is Joel McHale wearing tiny gym shorts on the front page of the website. You might want to check out the full episode from last night...

SNL President Reunion
I love seeing the SNL presidents in one room together. Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond are perfect here, and how about Jim Carrey and Chevy Chase making an appearance? The best line, though, goes to Dana Carvey as #41, to his son: "Yeah, that second term of yours was a real victory lap, wasn't it, Dubbers?" I spit out my coffee.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone - I know I will!


  1. LOVE Community. I had to watch 3 hours of NBC straight last night with all the goodness they have going on. Ah well, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

  2. I've been battling hiccup for almost an hour. The Presidential video totally cured them!

    My favorite line is when H.W. Bush calls Barak Borat.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the Old Spice commercial, I'd never seen that one before-hilarious!

  4. Sooooo with you on these! I couldn't BELIEVE that Old Spice came up with such an awesome, post-modern, tongue-in-cheek, spit-your-coffee-all-over-yourself kind of ad. I used to love commercials. This reminds me of why.

    And Community? Come on! Right up my alley. The NBC Thursday line-up has made me fall in love with tv all over again (except for the Office, which I just think is too mean...).


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