Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flowers with purpose

Everyone remembers my super-fabulous wedding invitation designer ABCD, right? (Let us pause for a moment to celebrate letterpress.) Amy offered up a flower-arranging tutorial on her blog the other day, and I couldn't wait to try it. I buy flowers almost every week, but I never have any rhyme or reason as to how I arrange them. Some weeks, they look great. Other weeks, a wee bit sad. Having a blueprint for the first time was fun and illuminating. Please excuse the minor holes - by the time I realized I needed more flowers, the market felt really far away. But regardless, for my first try at a "real" arrangement, I'm lovin' it!

You know, as soon as I read Amy's post it occurred to me that I need to take a "class" on flower arranging from the Flower Whisperer herself, my mom. Her arrangements are always amazing, and a real lesson would be fantastic! Do you have an opening for your holiday session, Mom? And perhaps we can blog about it?


  1. This is an absolute revelation for me. Thanks Maggie and ABCD! I am woefully inadequate when it comes to floral arrangement. It's holding me back from my aspirations to achieve "Martha like" status. I will try this next time I buy flowers.

  2. We shall make the time. We will start Thanksgiving with a lesson on how to walk out in the woods and come back with perfectly presentable Thanksgiving centerpieces for the 6 or so tables that will be set up for our meal. Followed by a "Selective Pruning of Office Landscaping" for your perfect Christmas Greenery Arrangement. I promise both events will be LOTS of fun. MOM

  3. a) Aw, your mum's sweet.
    b) Your arrangement is lovely.
    c) Isn't flower arranging ridiculously calming? Though I do feel a bit Stepford when I do it.

  4. Maggie!

    THIS is a job well done ~ well done, indeed! I am so happy you found my tutorial helpful and shared it with your freckled citizen readers. :)


  5. Can I get in on the flowering arranging lesson, too?! I'll be over there for Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway ;)

  6. You know who is like a CHAMPION flower arranger? WAX MAN. Who knew?

  7. Oh, I've been wanting a flower arranging lesson for ages... Wish I could join in the fun!!

  8. Lucky to have an expert flower arranging mom. I need lessons.


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