Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello yellow

I've always had an iffy relationship with the color yellow, shoes and flowers notwithstanding. I have a couple of friends who look brilliant in yellow (sunny blonde Kate, I salute you!), but I've never been quite sure it's my color. The closest I've ever come is a great gold ikat print cardigan, which I wear all the time, but usually offset with something from my jewel tone comfort zone, such as a green or turquoise tank. However, it appears that something's in the [proverbial] [yellow] water. Think those yellow Tubes might have started something? Consider these scenes from the weekend:

Pre-pic apology: I still can't find my camera charger (I packed it someplace "where I wouldn't lose it," of course), so take these phone pics for what they're worth.

This "must have" little bowl from West Elm:

This dress I obsessed over in March, acquired in May at 70% off, perfect for a wedding in June:

This lineup of paint samples downstairs (camera quality note: those dark colors are green, not gray!):

And finally, a sneak peek of our bathroom, where we're getting so close. Navy and yellow is a color combination I've been wanting to do forever, but I put a sophisticated spin on it with this sexy-smoky blue and a rich gold print on the towels:

Anyone else have a case of yellow fever lately?


  1. I love love love yellow. I rarely wear it, but I love decorating with it! Love all your cute yellow items!

  2. I am so loving yellow and gray together right now!

  3. That dress is too cute! You will rock it! And the navy and yellow bathroom looks great.

  4. Hi, friend - I'm playing catchup on your blog & a few other favorites...

    I get yellow fever badly, and I've never been able to determine if I can pull it off either; think it worked best when my hair was more yellow itself!

    That being said, that dress is fantastic, will look great on you, and is the perfect way to incorporate the color without being drenched in it.


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