Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Fourth, beach-style

Despite US Air's best efforts, we made it to Holden Beach last week to meet my nephew Max and enjoy the fam for the 4th. I didn't even bring my work Blackberry. I did, however, bring my puffy, bruised, needle-poked body - the ideal time to wear swimwear, really. But enough of that! A great book, an urgent desire to float in the pool and bop around in waves, and my favorite people all in one place. On to the photos!

Such a sweet guy, this new nephew of mine!

Fourth of July festivities (my family still has approximately 10,000 pieces of our wedding props on hand)

My dad representing the 'hood

My sister-in-law, aka the best-looking "just gave birth nine days ago" woman of all time



Game of Thrones set made of sand?

My sis found this enormous dead beetle on the beach, which my nephew Liam named "Shakin' Bacon 48,000," or just "Bacon," if you prefer. He was gorgeous, really. My sis is framing him.

And one more time for those heartstrings.

We had a family portrait session while we were there with the fabulous (and amazingly sweet) Megan of Genie Leigh Photography (see her fab work from my brother's wedding here). Fingers crossed we get some good ones... we can be a motley crew sometimes, after all. And also, there was a diarrhea explosion involved. Gotta love it!


  1. ha beautiful beaches and then diarrhea explosion, hilarious dichotomy!

  2. I need more information about the size of that beetle! definitely a framer. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time at the beach! And I'm jealous of those tanned legs. xoxo

  3. Family photo sessions at the beach always end with some stories you will never forget. And why can't the wind understand that you are trying to capture this moment and would prefer a nice gentle breeze? I'm sure the photos will turn out gorgeous!


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