Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time to unwind

One of my high-school favorites just stayed with us as he passed through DC (embassy headaches = unexpected visit to my house = the bright side). We talked, we laughed, we speculated, we celebrated, we drank way too much wine... and life is good today. (Much better than this weekend, for example, when fertility drugs made me feel like I was trapped in one of those medieval torture devices that squeezes people to death. Seriously.) But last night and today: better. At last. And so I'm rushing through the day in order to land in another happy moment by night's end, when we'll meet up with my family at the beach.

Stealing from my sister's Instagram photos for a bit (if you like pictures of cute kids and pretty chickens, you might consider following her), let me show you a little of what's waiting for me tonight oceanside:

I'm sure I'll be Instagramming too (it's a sibling obsession), if you want to see more of these cuties. I can't wait to get down there already. Have a fabulous 4th, everyone!

Some bonus red, white, and blue inspiration - ahhhh, memories:


C'mon, make my day...

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