Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

This week was emotional on a lot of levels. We have loved ones going through breakups, tragedy striking people around us, and horrors like the shooting in Colorado last night making us realize even more than usual to stop and appreciate each moment. And so that's what I want to do this weekend - turn my brain off, breathe, and just be. On that note, here are three items that embody appreciating the small stuff:

Oh, my heart!

This pig melts my heart. Found here.

Summer Sippin'

These summer cocktails that Cyd featured are perfect for sipping in the shade with someone who makes you giggle. Mmmm, watermelon.

Rob Ryan, Always and Forever

He gets me every time.


  1. Look what you have done. Now I need Gin. That cocktail looks refreshing. I hope the weekend is exactly what you need. That pig is amazing.

  2. I love anything that includes Hendrick's! I also share the same sentiment for Rob Ryan. I jumped the gun and already ordered his 2013 calendar just so I could oggle his pieces.

    Hope the weekend refreshes you and next week starts anew.

  3. Sorry you are going through the emotional ringer. Hope this weekend is as relaxing and recharging as you need it to be :)

  4. I need that pig under my desk to keep me entertained this Monday. Seriously, I want to cuddle it, and it's even making me feel bad about the sausage I ate this morning.


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