Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Happy Friday, aka vacation kickoff day! I'm taking the day off to prepare for our vacation tomorrow, which is sadly necessary given the mess and empty suitcases staring at me ahead of our 6:00 a.m. departure. Before I start doing laundry and packing wee swimsuits, though, I leave you with some fun moments from the week. I'll check in from vacation next week to share some fun news related to H's nursery, but in the meantime... au revoir!

Best. Walkup. Song. Ever.

I hear your inane country tune and your angry metal and I raise you one glorious "Careless Whisper." Josh Reddick, you are my new favorite.
Courageous Bride, Beautiful Wedding
My fabulous friend Sara consistently plans spectacular DC weddings full of swoon-worthy details. This wedding of Sara's, though, takes the (wedding) cake, for all the right reasons. I want to hug this bride a thousand times over!
Alternate Ending for Tyrion

This alternate ending to Sunday's Game of Thrones episode makes me cackle with delight. Sometimes it just doesn't take much. Team Tyrion over here (obviously). (Also, we can agree that Jamie's haircut is absolutely terrible, right?)


  1. Um, AWESOME. As the wife of a major A's fan, I feel that I must show him that Reddick clip...too good! Oh and the alternate GoT ending? I died laughing.

  2. OH MY GOD, the Reddick thing is AMAZING


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