Monday, May 12, 2014

Little things lately

I chopped my hair! I now feel about a thousand times lighter. As I captioned on Instagram, "I just went from 'Game of Thrones' extra to "quirky best friend" in a rom-com." Adios to eight dead inches. I was admittedly hesitant to cut it given my super-sexy postpartum hair loss (I'm sorry, even if you know what's happening, seeing handfuls of your own hair in the shower is horrifying), but I also knew what was left wasn't worth saving. Short and sassy for summer it is! Thanks for pressing the issue, hormones. I'm glad I bit the bullet.

Speaking of bullets... (okay no, that segue is never going to work). Life has been a little challenging lately on the baby front. I'm in a low milk rut again, and Miss H officially has two teeth all the way through the skin. We were hoping that would mean our former star sleeper would get back to her old ways. Instead, we're still coaxing her back to sleep every hour she's in her crib, then giving up and bringing her into our bed. As long as she's on me, she'll sleep. Sigh. But so hard to complain, you know?

The fitful sleeping scene was in full swing Saturday night when we had some of our favorites over for dinner. Kudos to B and L for rolling with the host running upstairs every 45 minutes, and for welcoming the little one when I finally gave in and just let her join the fun waaaaay after her bedtime. At least she's cute, right?

Our first Mother's Day together was pretty awesome. Love this girl, and really love the guy she's resembling more and more, too.

Vacation begins on Saturday! Somebody better start packing...

PS: Over the weekend I stumbled upon Bobbi Brown's Tinted Lip Balm, in hopes of replacing my discontinued fave. While she's missing the sheer red that is my perennial fave color, I scooped a Pink Raspberry and will report back!


  1. Haircut looks great.

    As for the sleeping, I feel you:).

  2. The good news is H will probably go back to being a star sleeper after her teeth come in. Josie, another champion in the sleep department, basically requested teething hospice while her's were coming in. We had to sleep in our glider with her. She was fine as long as we were there comforting her. Made for some long ass nights.

    Have fun on vacay!

  3. I hope the crap sleeping situation remedies itself soon. We went through something similar and it was miserable. THIS TO SHALL PASS!! I love your hairdo!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gives up and brings the baby into bed!

  5. beautiful hair! also, my girl also ALWAYS (to this day) prefers to sleep on mama, and will sleep like a champ in her ergo through weddings, live band performances, parties, etc... but in her quiet and peaceful crib (without mama?) no thank you... although, at 18 months, she is finally getting the hang of all night in the crib... until this week, she came into our bed in the middle of the night, every night... i actually miss her now...

  6. Burt's Bees has a sheer red lip gloss that's terrific!

  7. I think we liked the Magic Sleep Suit at her age. But sounds like it's sleep training time. Brutal for 3 days but then BLISSFUL for the long-term. We went with the Happiest Baby Guide to Sleep method after trying about 3 others...


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