Monday, June 28, 2010

14th and U Farmers Market

Ahhh... weekend, I love you. Before the beers and boos of the US World Cup game on Saturday, we visited our neighborhood farmers market and loaded down with goodness: fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs, baked goods, jam, and eggs. Food for the week, and all of it purchased directly from the farmers who grow it. Nothing feels better than buying from the right kinds of people. Also worth noting: gorgeous food.

The farmers markets in DC have been one of the most enjoyable upgrades from Dallas for me. The Dallas Farmers Market, while in a great location, is stocked primarily by produce distributors. Finding produce that's both local and organic is next to impossible. By contrast, nearly every neighborhood in Washington, DC boasts its own market, and most of the food is pesticide-free in addition to being local. This map hints at the quantity of markets in the District, but I know there are more, as our neighborhood market isn't even listed. PSA: Local Harvest is a great resource to find out about farmers markets, CSAs, and more in your area if you don't know where to start.

A day later, we ended up hitting up Eastern Market, too - resisting those peaches is next to impossible. I actually documented my day yesterday for a forthcoming series over on EADL called "Day in the Life." Those peaches and more, coming in time. But for now, just a hint of the scene on our patio last night. Can you feel that breeze high above the sweltering 100-degree sidewalks?

Tell me: what's your favorite farmers market? What did you find there over the weekend?


  1. I live in the DFW area, and I am not a fan of the Dallas market either.. but I have found that the surrounding areas have great ones. Plano is my fave.

  2. The farmer's market in my neighborhood in Denver leaves MUCH to be desired...there are only 2-3 booths with produce, the rest is soap, tea, salsa, and stuff like that...oh, and food vendors.

    The one in Boulder, however, is fabulous!

  3. What a bounty! Those purplely looking bell peppers are certainly intriguing! The Farmer's markets in SA also leave me wanting for more variety. The best Farmer's market memory I have is when I stayed with my Grandmother in Montgomery AL one summer. I begged her to take me almost every other day (it was open daily!). I shelled so many peas that summer!

  4. Oh my goodness! That farmer's market seriously made my mouth water! What a great selection!

  5. Oh, this post made me homesick. How I miss you so, Mt Pleasant Farmer's Market. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little piece of home. :)

  6. Having just come home from my visit to DC, I already miss Eastern Market! I was blown away by the bounty, given that all I know of Farmer's Markets are those in Texas.

  7. Oh, you know I love a good farmers market. I have at least six near my home/office. (One of the benefits to living in rural Pennsylvania!) Favorite recent purchases include: pork loin, spinach, strawberries, sweet cherries, and honey.

    Although, I have to say one of the most impressive markets I've visited is in Ann Arbor, MI -- even in October.

  8. I love the farmers market in Portland, OR. It's great!!


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