Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Head in the sand

Here's where my head's still at:

If you were wondering if I'm immature enough to get in a big funk after leaving the beach, you would be.... correct! Luckily, I do have some interesting things going on this week to keep my head out of the proverbial Outer Banks sand too much. And better yet, I'm heading back in a month, so I really can't feel all that sorry for myself, even though it's my instinct. But oh, being able to drive to the Outer Banks! I love love love living in the Mid-Atlantic again. On to happy little shout-outs:

Happy 80th birthday to my Grandma Jessie Mae!

Happy cheers also to my super-cool cousins... naps on the beach...

... to ridiculously adorable nephews (who had to count double since my ridiculously adorable niece was absent, giving her parents a much-deserved vacation by themselves) ...

... to a great brother and sister and associated SOs and parents who escaped my camera, so please enjoy another scenic beach shot instead...

... to T previewing his "hot dad" beach potential...

... to so much laughing, over group Ped Egg sessions, over a certain someone's lack of an engagement ring, over my brother's poor busted-up knee, over my mom's famous showdowns, over my dad's hobo jeans, over creepy family matchiness, and more. See you again soon, beach family!


  1. Okay, TOO CUTE FOR WORDS faux-family-of-three!

  2. i love the outer banks! i was actually supposed to be there last weekend but had to cancel the trip. please tell me you had duck donuts! (now that i think of it, i have no idea where you stay and you could be pretty far from a duck donuts. but still...SO worth it)

  3. Why does no one I know live near a beach!

  4. OOH: I managed to avoid Duck Donuts, but listened to numerous odes to their perfection from my cousins, who are locals. Donuts are the one food I NEVER let myself eat, actually - because I simply can't have just one. I'd eat my weight in glazed donuts in a second if given the chance!

    (But yes... we do stay in Duck! That's where I got married, too.)

  5. oh so cute! you guys look good with a kid!


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