Monday, June 7, 2010

Two weeks, in photos

With my 5-months-preggo sis at the kidney donation fundraiser:

Heather and her cousin Michael announcing the raffle winners at the fundraiser. I'm happy to report that Heather's kidney is doing amazingly well inside Michael - it started working immediately! His creatin levels are nearly at the level of a normal healthy adult and he was released from the hospital in record time. Truly amazing.

My niece Taylor in my mom's garden:

My sis and I (with the lovely companionship of the guys, of course) made cupcakes and icing late into the night for my nephew's first birthday party:

Don't forget the mini-cake for the birthday boy! Lisa decorated with the Meri Meri Animal Parade line - adorable!

The little birthday boy was a tad under the weather, but he still braved the clown, bouncy house, and balloons. Liam with his great-grandpa and his Jambo:

Taylor turns three this weekend! I swear just yesterday she was tiny:

One week later, my parents came to visit me and do some plant doctor work on my patio. This is how you know my mom's been around ... whoa!

Last night we saw The National at DAR Constitution Hall. What a show! T and I fell in love to The National's 'Alligator,' so it'll always hold a special place in our hearts. I'm kinda proud of this photo:


  1. I am jealous and in awe of your patio garden. Our measly little fire escape herbs and tomato plants do not measure up. Such a lovely spot for summertime!

  2. Beautiful flowers! Did Lisa where that dress to your rehearsal dinner? It's super cute.

  3. YES, Sasha, what a great eye! Of course, at our wedding Lisa had no idea she'd be wearing it again the very next summer. ;-)

    Thanks Cate! Take the train down to DC and come sit in the greenery with me anytime!

  4. Sweet pictures! Glad you had fun at The National.

  5. Your porch looks amazing - the cupcakes don't look too bad either ;)

  6. Your mother sure does have a "green arm." And nice work on the cupcakes. I bet the birthday boy loved them!

  7. I need a patio garden- can your mama swing by here? I am so glad everything went well with the kidney donation.

  8. Those kids are beautiful! And your sister is 5 months pregnant?! She looks gorgeous!

  9. Heather has really good ankles. NO REALLY.

  10. Uhhh SO jealous of your patio garden. Can your mom come see me, too?

  11. MOM is available. You just have to find the right bribe!


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