Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Urban Garden II: Now with color!

Hello gorgeous dahlia! I remember planting you as a bulb, wondering if you would ever really transform from a strange clump of root into one of my favorite flowers. And now here you are, two feet tall and bursting open to the sun. Welcome to you and your little neighbor opening up in the next bed!

The garden has been such a delight for me the past few months. It's so nice to start the morning out there, watering and taking in the city waking up below me. In the beginning I was all foodfoodfood, but since the Plant Whisperer's visit, I've really fallen for all these flowers she convinced me I needed. There is still plenty to munch on, though: herbs galore, shallots getting closer to harvesting all the time, new tomatoes and peppers making their way... just stepping out there makes me really happy.

The cats can't help but fall asleep, their view is so relaxing... (please note I have permanently ceded control of this furniture piece to Fanny, who loves to perch up there).

And now for some oohing and aahing...


  1. Great job of keeping everything green and gorgeous Maggie. You will soon be a plant whisperer yourself!

  2. Gorgeous. I always feel like the air is better near plants.

  3. Can I pay you to make our postage stamp of a yard pretty? Our needs work!!

    I love the different colors and flower combinations you chose!


  4. I'm oohing and aahing indeed! What a lovely summery sight.

  5. Stunning! I can only hope to have such a green thumb someday!

  6. Gorgeous! What a beautiful sight to wake up to each day. I'm jealous - I can't even grow basil.

  7. What a pretty little garden you've got! We have a decent veggie/herb garden, but this makes me want to try for more flowers next year!

  8. Wow - looking good!!! Y'all did a great job out there! Can't wait to come see it in person!!!

  9. Swoon! The deep purply-red of that dahlia kills me. and such beautiful window boxes and pots!


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