Monday, June 14, 2010

The Stanley Cap

I mean sure, I (in a very big "we" sort of way) pulled off a wedding that was on-theme and color-coordinated and pretty festive. But did it come close to achieving the grand vision of my sister-in-law's new husband, whose personal Christmas each year is the day known as The Stanley Cap? I think not.

11 teams of 2 players each, assorted bystanders, and 2 very pregnant fans (including a two-time Stanley Cap champion!) converged in Charlestown, MA for 8.5 hours of play (and lots of lots of beer) on Saturday. The winners who prevailed? None other than the Cap organizer himself and his sister-in-law!

Poor T was so hoping that he'd be the one to get his last name onto the winner's banner, not that pesky middle sister of his. And in case you're wondering, it was recommended that I take part in a few practice games in the off-season before next year.


  1. That's simply amazing. Bring your A-game next year, lady!

  2. I'm pretty sure the practice game crack was directed at me and my 0-4 record....but you can definitely use the practice court I'm setting up in place of our guest room/home office if you want!

  3. This is incredible. And I thought my guy friends were the only ones who put enormous amounts of time and effort into turning drinking into a game!

  4. I especially like the trophy. That old school North Stars jersey is kind of impressive too. When I was in High School in the Twin Cities every girl, myself included, had a huge crush on Mike Modano (#9). Sigh.

  5. This is beyond awesome! And totally something my husband and his buddies would get behind.


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