Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bulleted curiosities

Since I was last here, some strange and wonderful things happened.
  • I had another fab Skype date with a far-away pal. Technology, you complete me!
  • I attended a birthday party full of Brits and Americans known to take on pseudo British accents.
  • The Yankees lost. THE YANKEES LOST!
  • T finally acquired his DC driver's license, seven months after our arrival. Yes, we're slack, but the DMV hours here are simply ridiculous. The burning question: just how long will it take us to get DC plates on our car? (Because the plate is so cool, I might be a tad more excited for it than I am lazy about battling the DMV again.)
  • We attempted to run errands, but upon finding nearly every road out of DC (as well as several within DC) closed, we simply turned around and came home.
  • T officially became a blogger! If you are also a Virgo hockey goalie, this blog is for you!
  • Lots of eating and drinking (my faves). Not so much in the way of burning calories, but heh, that's what the week is for.
  • Halloween costume brainstorming
  • Halloween party brainstorming (oh it is ON)
  • Dinner at the apartment of T's family friend, who just moved to DC (yay awesome women living in DC!)
  • Getting lost in suburban Virginia in search of a Michael's craft store (there are no craft stores in all of DC, seriously) for costume makings ... but not being able to be annoyed because the foliage is drop-dead gorgeous right now. Getting lost is the new leaf-peeping.
  • Receiving the ultimate surprise from T: an afternoon appointment at Bliss for a Triple Oxygen Facial! He knows how much I loved getting these before our wedding, and how much I've missed them. Husband of the Year.
  • Somehow topping off the facial: dinner afterward at our favorite DC restaurant J&G, so good I didn't even care that my face was the color of my ginger salmon tartare.
  • Our cat Fanny's new thing: repeatedly waking us up by banging a painting against the wall with her paw. Bonus points for timing that with the neighbor's howling dog last night. 
  • Weekend anticipation. (already) (it's going to be awesome)
So here I sit, with a huge bag full of crazy from Michael's that is somehow going to turn into a cute costume in a manner of days. I think I need to buy a glue gun.


  1. I'm dying to know your costume. I am racking my brain for something to wear to a last minute celebrity party. Maybe Dolly?

  2. Yay Skype! And Yay Trevor's Blog... which I just commented on... and he's probably eye-rolling right this minute.

  3. Ooh I can't wait to hear about your costumes!

  4. fun things! confession: i still need to get my dc license. but my husband has horror stories of his most recent trip to the dmv (and a picture that makes him look at least 300 lbs. ha)

    worse confession: we lived in louisiana 3 years and never switched our plates. so when we moved back we were just like oh, um, can we renew these things?

  5. When Michael's came to 96th street I almost wept with crafty joy. Your weekend is going to be awesome. How can it not be, with a bag of crazy and all?

    I have a thing where I get very attached to whichever team loses, and now that the Yankees have lost I am contractually obligated to root for them.

  6. I do dig those license plates.....TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION....AND THAT'S NOT FAIR?

    (School House Rock anyone?)

  7. I hate not having any craft stores in DC. I usually hike up to Arundel Mills every once in a while to get my Michael's fix.

    I will have to forward the hockey blog to my husband. I am sure he will love it.


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