Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucas' first weekend

This is my nephew Lucas. He's tiny and adorable, and I spent the weekend in awe of him.

T and I started calling him "Meow Mix," because he makes the cutest little kitten noises. He's eating hard so he can pack on a few pounds and get out of these preemie clothes. Don't his little mittens look like boxing gloves? I proposed satin shorts and a robe to complete his Halloween costume.

Liam is so proud to be a big brother. He remains ridiculously adorable. And I'm so proud of my sister for getting through an incredibly tough pregnancy and being such an amazing mom to her two (!) sons. You make me proud, sis!

And now, back to my easy existence free of demanding (however scrumptious) toddlers and newborns... What do I have to complain about, again?


  1. What a cute little guy!! An yes, he looks like a mini boxer :)

  2. The sweetest! Congrats, Aunt Maggie!!

  3. My baby fever just got set back a good bit- a friend who is the same petite stature as myself just gave birth. After a 12 hour labor, including 3 hours of pushing, she had a c-section and a enormous baby boy! 9 lbs and 5 oz- eek!

    I'm so glad Lucas made it here safely and your sister is feeling good! He is adorable! I love the Halloween outfit plan. . .


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