Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October dreams

Ahhh... Boston in the fall. There's no better time to visit.

And I just love my college ladies. We had a pasta and wine weekend, capped off beautifully by Sportello on Saturday night. I had the most revelatory dish of pasta I've had in ages: agnolotti filled with a mortadella mousse and tossed with roasted vegetables. Oh. My. Goodness.

N lives in a great old house in one of those classic New England small towns that she's renovating in between keeping up with her two-year old son and a busy job. I loved seeing how her mid-century modern aesthetic is blending with the farmhouse appeal of her home. N's doing a great job... and it makes me want to put my renovating/decorating chops to work in a major way.

Speaking of... I wrote a post about where we are in the real estate hunt last week on EAD. Decisions, decisions. Really, I'd just love a dining room that I can build around West Elm's Wood Slices Organic Dinnerware. One can dream, right?


  1. My advice is this, if it's cheaper to rent than buy a starter house, keep renting. If a mortgage would be cheaper, then buy. Moving sucks, but once you get excited about renovation and decorating you may find that you'll actually kind of look forward to moving again in the future. Just another opportunity to be creative. Even with a starter place, be patient, and don't settle on the important stuff!

  2. Mmm Sportello! I live in Boston and its one of my faves... I hope you got to check out Drink downstairs too!

  3. Haven't been back to Boston in far, far too long. Loved that city (even though my undergrad was technically in a different nearby city that I wouldn't admit to). And fall is the perfect time to visit.

    As far as buying - you're a smart lady and I know you'll make the right decision - don't be rushed into anything because of age, etc. - just proceed at your own pace and you'll find the perfect fit.

  4. But, everything in this category can be upleveled by the phrase, "or not."

  5. Oh, I love that place setting! I'm obsessed with faux bois!

  6. I have yet to visit Boston. So sad, right? My husband has TONS of family who lives there and I keep trying to convince him to take me up there for a trip. Still hasn't happened. One of these days!

  7. Glad you had a great weekend with your girlfriends! My brother lives in Boston and I'm really hoping to visit him this fall/winter. There's so much in Boston I've yet to see.


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