Tuesday, October 19, 2010

C'mon, get happy...

Among certain cohorts I've always been the perennial optimist, wearing a sunny smile and possessing cheer and confidence regarding whatever might come my way next. My disposition tends to be much more the stuff of Don Draper in the Season 4 Finale than the Don Draper of every other episode since 2007, and I like it that way. More and more, though, my good cheer had taken on a tone of sentimental ache. Maybe this is just me getting older? Hmmm. Take the stunning duet of "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy" from last week's Glee, for instance. Melancholy perfection in every way - the perfect song for those voices. I've had it on constant replay ever since last week's episode.

(Also... since this song was ineligible for the Duets contest, can we discuss the ridiculousness of Quinn and Sam winning instead of Mercedes and Santana?! Thank you.)

"Forget your troubles.... c'mon get happy...." SIGH.

I once dated a guy who answered my neverending search for his good mood with "it's just my annual seasonal depression." I rolled my eyes. We didn't last much longer. And yet here I sit, looking out at the gray skies, playing melancholy songs, wishing I could somehow be doing four things at once and instead not doing much of anything. My blahness festers despite the perfect new nephew and some amazing days at home, a huge win at work, and my endlessly delightful partner in crime. There should be no blahness, and yet...

I want to make something amazing.

I want to write something real.

I want to know what I want, and be confident even if others don't agree.

I want to feel like I'm a making a difference.

Does it matter that I feel like each of these statements could be read with the word "again" at the end? Oh yes, cue the "time to recapture my brilliance of days past" parade. Someone Dial-A-Cliché before I get the chance.

Because on days like today, where my biggest accomplishment is working out to this hell via my computer while watching Season 1 of Damages on my television at the same time, something is a wee bit off. I'm sure I'll be sunnier tomorrow, but in the meantime, this is really the only thing that's working. 

I will not be a downer tomorrow. I will not be a downer tomorrow. I will not be a downer tomorrow. I will not be a downer tomorrow. I will not be a downer tomorrow.


  1. Hey - does it cheer you up that Patrick's newest dance jam is "Under Control" by The Strokes? Did I give birth to a hipster??? The kid does the funkiest, most mellow dance to it. It's awesome.

  2. Aw, Maggie. You'll get back there. Soon, again and again, to your own astonishment, for a very long time, and until it is jealousy-inducing and borderline annoying.

  3. I did really love the Kurt/Rachel number, and HATED the Quinn/Sam one, mostly because, gaaaah, that song! I hate it. And you're right-- Mercedes and Santana tore it up.

  4. Maybe some good old transportation talk will help? I'd love to pick your brain on Tampa's issues, especially our proposed light rail. If you have the time/knowledge!

    (amanners7 at gmail.com)

  5. Oh Maggie, I hope this is just a temporary funk. I feel like I've said this before, but I love your ability to put words to so many of my own thoughts, feelings, and sometimes insecurities that I have a hard time verbalizing. Thanks for sharing, it means a lot! Hugs!

  6. Even the cheery ones have a right to a blue day or day. As I was just telling my sister this morning.

  7. I have been struggling with this lately, too:
    I want to know what I want, and be confident even if others don't agree. You aren't alone!

  8. We ALL have days like this, my dear!! If we never had them, we would never push ourselves beyond what we thought were our limits. Tomorrow WILL be a better day! :)

  9. ::hug::
    I feel this way from time to time, and what really helps is to change my music from whatever sappy song I have on to a mindless dance song and to go for a walk and get some ice cream.
    I hope you feel better!

    PS: Every year my company has a Halloween costume contest. My coworker is going at Christine O'Donnell.

  10. Ok, that is my faborite Tina (and, ahem, Ike) song ever, and they killed it! I have been in a major funk, but recently emerged, so I know how you feel. The thing is, if we aren't sad or down or wistful, how do we appreciate when we are happy or gleeful (hee)? Jillian will beat that funk right out of you! xoxo

  11. That's favorite, obviously. I'm super jacked up on Mucinex due to a nasty cold.

  12. I hope that you are feeling more like yourself! Sometimes it takes those moody days to get to where you are going. As irritating as they can be.

    There must be something in the air though bc I think this post kind of sums up what I have been feeling most of October. hmmmmm


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