Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

I'm quite happy to put this week to bed... and quite happy to jump-start my foodie getaway! Here are my three spotlights for the week:

Seven Deadly Sin Plates

Am I cool enough to hang this collection in my home? Probably not... but oh how I'd love for one of you cooler folks to do it. Just brilliant. Can you image the laughter of your dinner guests when they take a moment to study the decorative plate collection hanging above the table? Made by Trixie Delicious, blogged by re-nest.

Surprise 3D Announcements

 I look at a lot of pretty letterpress every week, but this number over at For Print Only literally made my jaw drop. Just amazing, every thing about it. This gorgeous little package was the brainchild of The Mandate Press - worth remembering if you have any big surprises to announce in your own lives.

Courtney Martin's TED Talk

We're having quite a TED Talk week over here, and for good reason... I'm addicted to listening to these talks on slow afternoons when I'm trying to ignore my coffee craving and I'm tired of NPR. Courtney Martin is an editor for one of my favorite blogs Feministing. Her TED Talk ranges from her feminist parents, her own process of defining what feminism means to her, and women's activism, then and now. Completely inspiring, and funny, too.

Have a delicious weekend, everyone!


  1. That announcement is truly creative - how fun! And the plates are awesome. Have a fabulous time on your foodie getaway and eat your heart out!

  2. I must have those plates. That is all I can currently focus on. . .

  3. Maggie, how do you pick your TED Talks? Amanda & I watch them all the time, but our selection is either random or based on a blog post.

  4. i love courtney martin! i'm also a fan of feministing but hadn't watched her TED talk yet, so thank you for sharing it. i love her observation that "part of the work of feminism is to admit that aesthetics, that beauty, that fun, do matter." so true.

  5. well, now i've just spent an entire lunch break browsing TEDs. aimee mullins has a great talk about disability and aesthetics:

  6. Hope you have a great time this weekend!

  7. @Jason: Same for me to the tee. They really need a better indexing system - I normally just flutter around until something catches my eye, but it's never by design.


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