Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green, head to toe

During my college days in Boston, St. Patrick's Day really was a holiday. I remember lots of beer. I remember freezing my *ss off at the Southie parade, watching the gold medal US Women's Hockey Team go by, the storefronts all celebrating local flick Good Will Hunting. I remember our favorite local bar, all the regulars, all the music, all those years. Years I forgot to wear green, I'd fall back on my green eyes, which saved me from pinching fingers. With a name like Maggie and a fair face full of freckles, many Bostonians assumed I was Irish. Nope, I'd always have to say, just a WASP.

I adore the color green, and regularly swoon after anything emerald or grass or avocado in stores. Right now, this is the green item I'm coveting the most. Absolutely unsuitable for the sort of St. Patrick's Day raucousness that I miss from Beantown, but worth coveting all the same.

 I've stroked them in the store... these are the real, early-birthday-present-worthy deal, folks.

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  1. Those pumps must be yours. The Cole Haans with the Nike Air are so comfy and those are just beautiful. Comfortable and beautiful are a rare combination in shoes - do not pass them up!


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