Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kenny and Jillian: Great hair, great shoes

You know those human embodiments of guilty pleasure, the crushes we have that are not only irrational, but downright embarrassing? C'mon, we all have them. That man for me is Kenny Powers. I know, I know.

No really, I know.

The man is offensive on every level, enjoys strippers and jet skis, lacks any sort of moral code, and has that hair. But everything that comes out of his mouth makes me weep with laughter. And then after I'm done cackling, I feel bad about the cackling. But by then Kenny is saying something else ridiculous so I'm cackling again. And on it goes.

Those of you who know Kenny know he is all about the celebrity endorsement. Here's his latest triumph: celebrity spokesman for K-Swiss Tubes.

Let's talk about another kind of crush now - perhaps less embarrassing, but definitely more of a cliche: Jillian Michaels. She and I have spent a lot of time together over the years, and she can whip me into shape faster than any other workout guru I've tried. She's certainly more effective than me doing my own thing at a gym for hours at a time with no results. Like Kenny, Jillian also endorses K-Swiss Tubes. Hmmmm.

Here's the thing: I've owned my sneakers for longer than I've known T, and after certain workouts (BFBM, I'm looking at you) my feet ache badly. It's not unreasonable to think it's time for a new pair of shoes. So I did a little shopping. And fell sort of hard for a really fun pair of yellow Tubes.

And then yesterday, while crying through Jillian's latest DVD Ripped in 30, I couldn't help but notice that in workout #2 she wears the exact same shoes I just bought. This should be motivation or something, right?

The truth of the matter is that I am actually more embarrassed to admit being swayed by a celebrity endorsement than I am confessing my baffling love for Kenny Powers. But with those shoes, comes that stomach, right? And I do really love the shoes.

(PSA: Those of you with a similar weakness and a need for new workout shoes: I had to size up with the Tubes.)


  1. I am dying laughing! This is way worse than my Johnathan Waxman crush, hahahahahahahaha. And probably the most divergent spokespeople ever to sell the same person on some tennies. But to the important part, how do you like the Tubes? Is it weird that the name tubes freaks me out (long story relating to unidentifiable meat stew in Tanzania), yet I still think that they will make me springy like Tigger?

    Hee, back to Kenny Powers, are you longing to ride topless on his jetski?

  2. Waxman is a completely respectable crush (unfortunately for me). So true on the divergence. And to report back, I do indeed feel quite Tigger-ish in my new Tubes! And honestly, Samma, that jet ski comment is *exactly* why I adore you.

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