Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Onward, scrambled

I imagine that my brain looks like one of those really delicious yet ugly scrambles you throw together on the stove for breakfast, using everything in the fridge because it's all about to go bad. Or some other metaphor for ugly mishmash. Onward, then.

This is the painting I bought at the Fearrington Folk Art Show with my mom. It's by Jackie Haliburton, who did my favorite piece in the entire show - at a scale and price a tad out of reach for me right now. But this little guy, so fun and bright and happy, he fit the bill.

See all those nice houses? We do not own one of them. Another crash-and-burn offer yesterday, for a place we adored. (It was RED. And had a CLAWFOOT BATHTUB.) You know how some girls carry around the "Always a Bridesmaid" hangup? My new (unintentional) motto: "Always the Back-Up Offer." I mean really, how many times can we come in second? That is no consolation, people. Give us a house already! The details I could share about the market here would shock some of you, I have no doubt...

Anyway, I'm obsessed with tulips this week. Also: acorn squash. 

Hey, remember my Calendar of Shame? I made it through the entire two-month calendar with long workouts at least three times a week. This doesn't earn me a Presidential Fitness medal or anything (remember those? yeah, I never got one then, either) - but after the previous two months of never once breaking a sweat, I feel good about it. Especially given how many weekends I traveled during those two months. I've actually even gotten to the point where I'm working out in order to release pent-up stress, because as you might imagine, I have a lot of it right now. And if you're wondering, having to face this calendar every time I leave my apartment really does work. Try it if you're having motivational issues.

This is all I've got right now that's bloggable. Now if publicly bitching were my thing (you thought this post was bitching? Not even close...), I could write for another hour. But I have a date at Zentan tonight with T, my sister-in-law, and Susur Lee's sushi and Singapore Slaw, so things are looking up. His signature slaw, by the way? Absolutely outrageous. And vegan, if you also have hard-to-feed (but lovable, not bitching!) folks in your life.


  1. Love the painting, so cute and happy and reminds me of all of the colorful houses on Capitol Hill. Zentan sounds wonderful. I've been meaning to try it out and have heard great things about the Singapore slaw. Have fun!

  2. That Presidential Medal was HARD, dude! There were pull-ups involved, if I remember correctly... My arms are not of the pull-up kind.

    Love the painting. Hate the house situation.


  3. Susur Lee sushi - sounds awesome. Please report back, I must know more. And way to go on the regular work outs. Don't feel bad about the Presidential Physical Fitness Medal - I never got one either. I couldn't do a pull up to save my life. I was, however, the frequent recipient of Pizza Hut coupons for reading piles of books during Book It. Perhaps the success on that front caused the Presidential Medal failure? :)

  4. Love the print.

    And I know it is not so fun right now but all of the 'back up offers' are there to get you to THE right place... and years later you will laugh about the whole experience of first time buyer.

  5. you're going to land feet first into a gorgeous house, and then spend hours luxuriating in the bathtub, and running after a mini-T in the back yard, and wondering what that creaky noise in the night is. it's going to be grand.

    also, way to go on the chart. we need on of those that floats in front of our eyes every day. we're so slack.

  6. Really sorry you are having housing setbacks. It will all work out eventually, but that doesn't make this part fun. At all.


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