Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Oh weekend, you tricky mistress, you. I've managed to schedule a Saturday so full of activities that I really only have a one-day weekend ahead of me. That, plus the chance of SNOW on Sunday (#$%&E^@^!!!), means I'm already looking forward to next weekend. At any rate, here are three finds that tickled my fancy this week. Enjoy, and try to have a more restful weekend than I will!

Guys and Doll

 People are fascinating and weird and wonderful, you know? I read this piece about "The Digbys" and couldn't quite believe it. A couple "adopted" a doll twenty years and have been raising them as their "son" ever since... and oh, the places he's gone and the outfits he's worn! Please tell me there's film footage that someone's been recording all these years... this stuff is begging for a documentary.

Coralie Bickford-Smith

It's pretty easy for me to get swept away by great book cover design, and no one is doing that better these days than Coralie Bickford-Smith. Her designs for the Penguin clothbound classics series are renowned... and happen to be utter perfection in hardcover form. Her latest project takes us into the kitchen with Penguin's 'Great Food' series, which presents a dilemma... isn't it blasphemy to rip the covers off books, even if you're framing them in the kitchen as a large art piece?

"You Should Date an Illiterate Girl"

Via Her Name Was Lola, full text here.


  1. I've been drooling over the design sponge post on the great food covers! Re: desecration of books for the sake of art... perhaps it's Shadow Box Time?

  2. i always like your friday i'm in love posts, but these are amazing! love (seriously, though, about the documentary) love (blasphemy? i don't know, but oh, now i'm sad for the poor book with no cover...) and love (awesome).

  3. the digby article is so weird and wonderful that i just had to forward it to my sisters...and that quote? i LOVE.

  4. Digby. Omg. Wow. I feel so normal.

    Thank you for posting this. No really, THANK YOU.


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