Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Color peeks

Is anyone else using their one spare minute of the day to hungrily gulp down all the seedy details of the bastard IMF chief rape charge like it's an episode of Law and Order: SVU?

No? Just me?

Anyway... it's been hard for me to break away and blog. Work has been nuts, so when I'm not working I'm in a sort of frenzied rush to make up for lost time around the house. I wonder if I'd feel this way as strongly if I didn't work from home. Because I'm here all day, the evidence of omgsomuchlefttodo is all around me. I can't escape it. My brain's on overdrive, with visions of brush strokes appearing as soon as I close my eyes. My arms are phantom painting, even when they're still. And yet, there is truly so much left to do. At some point late last week we realized that by continuing to work on our big projects we were letting the little things like organization and clothes-unpacking fall by the wayside, so we spent a half-day on Saturday and Sunday focusing on organization. This helped tremendously, but I still can't find 9/10 of my warm-weather clothes. A friend commented to me that I'm making great time getting this house in order, and my jaw dropped. Me, making great time? I feel like the slowest settler-in-er on the planet. See also: me being my toughest critic.

At any rate, I have a charged camera and a somewhat charged computer back in my possession, but since I'm lacking the time to do detailed posts, how about some sneak peeks instead? More coming soon, I promise.

You know my favorite thing about sneak peek pictures, by the way? They're just tiny little slivers of a space that help you imagine a room that's not full of boxes and randomness. Maybe you can even believe something's hanging on the wall or some such madness. With that, let your imaginations run wild:

Our living room/entryway/stairs are now a color called "Chestertown Buff" by Benjamin Moore. We've called it every possible incarnation of this name on accident or accidentally on purpose, including "Charlestown Tough," who we like to think of as a Townie, or "Provincetown Ruff," the perfect name for a P-town gay bar.

The dining room is a light olive green from Benjamin Moore called Olive Branch - the perfect backdrop to these peonies. Olive Branch is not, by the way, the same color as Olive Tree, a color I mistakenly bought a quart of over the weekend. Oh yes, my paint follies continue!

Lo and behold, I finally selected a color for the kitchen! This is huge, folks. I'll get more into my deep thoughts about it later, but for now, here's a dash of BM's Azores on the kitchen wall, featuring small punches of red and orange to represent my red dishes and flame Le Creuset. I'm pretty pumped about it.

And last but not least, some major bathroom progress!

Exciting times over here. We are all paint, all the time.


  1. You're such a good paint-picker-outter! I need you to come consult in our house before I paint another room mauve or citron.

  2. i love olive branch! and the future kitchen color. i really need to pick the paint brush back up. the yellow hallways and aqua bathroom aren't going to paint themselves.

    that bead board was already there, right? i'm thinking that might be an idea for our over textured bathroom walls..

  3. The French media coverage for the DS-K allegations was FASCINATING! They are claiming it's a set up by his political enemies. They find the US justice process barbaric - particularly that he was handcuffed. Apparently in France you aren't handcuffed until you are convicted.

    Great paint colors - you embrace a vivid palate in a way I am just not able to. Cue the beige/cream/taupe/whites for this gal.

  4. I love the paint colors and your bathroom is adorable! Are the gold towels new or old? They look just like some my parents had when we were little.

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