Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drill. Rip. Grunt. Repeat.

All week I've been working from the home office to the sounds of drilling, ripping, and grunting downstairs. Our Irish-heritage carpenter has been installing a new fireplace mantel/shelving situation that he built for us so that we can get our television off the floor. And hopefully so that I can ignore the fact that I accidentally bought an enormous television for T that is way too large for our tiny living room. Anyway... I'm slowly becoming buds with this guy. True story: T asked him the backstory of his company name, and this is his response:

"Well, I figure women are the real decision-makers of the household and control all the buying power, so I decided that I needed a romantic Irish name that would conjure up a little faraway romance for them."

He's sort of hilarious.

Anyway, I've got nothing new for you. Our Memorial Day weekend will consist of pushing hard around the house to get this place ready for next weekend, when my sister-in-law and her husband visit before they jet back to Austria for hockey season. I expect we'll be adding some drills/rips/grunts to the house soundtrack all on our own until they arrive.

More chicken updates, coming soon. To make up for the uninteresting home renovation clutter that is my brain.

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  1. ha! he is right though...

    one of our guys brought his son for 'take your youth to work day' and sean said it was awesome- he had a translator!


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