Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out of power

Consider the following power-related complications in my life, which add up to me being a lousy blogger:
  • My computer won't charge when plugged in. Actually, it has the capability to charge, but only if you find the tiny sweet spot of charging capability by twisting and turning the plug for fifteen minutes. Once you do that, don't dare unplug or move the computer. Two nights ago I couldn't sleep and decided to shop for a soap dispenser in bed at 1 a.m. Talk about bold, me daring to move the computer from its precisely angled perch on the desk with the cord sitting just so. That soap dispenser I never purchased could become the most expensive soap dispenser ever, as my computer never regained the ability to charge after my search. Hopefully I can take the computer into someone today over lunch to figure out the problem, but can we talk about how little time I have right now to devote to things going wrong? So. Annoying.
  • My phone is also having a problem charging. It has a cute little docking station at night that turns it into a bedside clock, and only through a painfully slow series of twisting and pushing motions will it find a charge and regain full power overnight as intended. If I accidentally get the phone charged but the dock is still turned to face me, I'm screwed, because it's too bright to face the bed and I have to then turn it away from me, thus restarting the entire "finding a charge" scenario. A traditional charger works only when pressed in and up while plugged into the phone. As soon as I let go, the charge is lost. Again: things I don't have time to deal with. Also: so damn annoying!
  • I still can't find my camera charger, which I know I packed somewhere extra smart, but this girl who is rapidly losing all sense of smarts while still living amongst boxes and bags has no idea where that place might be. I finally broke down yesterday and ordered a new one. $13 seems worth the ability to take photos of our progress around the house, or the insane amount of peonies in bloom in our neighborhood, or hyjinks during next weekend's college girls reunion. Of course, as soon as the thing gets delivered I'll probably find the original one. But until then, I'm just stuck with yet another useless device. My home office is becoming a graveyard of electronics. (This is a good time to mention that my printer's not working either, right?)
And so, without worries about keeping up digitally, I paint. We have a great new color taking over downstairs, and a slew of other options waiting for the dining room.

Side barely-related rant: Why can't Benjamin Moore sell actual sample sizes of paint? I want a Home Depot/Behr-sized paint sample when I'm truly just figuring out the right color, not a full pint of it. While I love the opportunity to purchase pint-sized cans of paint, I now have four pints of paint that were used only to dip a brush into it once. This is a huge waste of paint, and money. And I'll probably end up buying four more before our place is fully painted.

Okay, randomness is prevailing today. This is what happens when I'm using my wonky old work computer and no photos. Wish me luck on my epic journey to get recharged later today (ha ha ha), if it happens. There is a pressing work project and afternoon meeting in the suburban office to content with as well. Sigh. At least there is an Echo and the Bunnymen concert tonight. Echo! I know! So pumped.

And also there is this great paint on the walls downstairs. Which I will show you as soon as my nice camera actually works again. I think we learned in the last blog post that my barely-charged phone does not exactly translate colors very well.

[Most random blog post ever, now coming to an end.]


  1. not completely related but me + electronics do not get along. just last night i texted sean 6 bipolar texts in a row about the dvd player. "dvd player isn't working, are you coming home soon?"
    "oh it's working!!!!!!"
    "no, it is NOT F*CKING WORKING"
    and so on. i never got it to work. so, i feel your pain.

    also, i'm 99% sure my local ace has those tiny benjamin moore samples. it's the tenleytown location but i know there's one near you.

  2. @Erin: I have to go back to the Container Store soon (surprise, surprise), so I'll check on the Tenleytown Ace. The Frager's in Capitol Hill is an Ace too, but pints are the smallest they sell. Also they are like the High Fidelity of paint stores in a million ways and it kills me. I'm the girl who works from home so goes there in the middle of the day when it's full of contractors. Sort of hilarious seeing the paint snobs suffer through dealing with lowly me and all the burly contractors.

  3. Bummer times three! But on a brighter note, I took your advice and bought the Canon PowerShot last week. LOVE. I'll make sure to keep my charger in a safe place :)

  4. @Emily You got it!!!! I ADORE my S90, in a huge embarrassing way.

  5. It may not be your computer. I had two power cords and one stopped charging my computer but the other one would charge it. Perhaps you just need a new cord.

  6. It is so frustrating when technology does not work! I get downright grumpy when my computer or phone are not available. Hope your tech issues are resolved soon!

  7. Yikes! I am currently missing my camera battery charger (and have been since our move 5 months ago..) I feel your pain.


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