Monday, August 15, 2011

Butterfly maps

Ahhh, weekend! So many friends packed into a few short days, from our dear friend who married us, to this adorable blogging duo, to a slew of T's high school friends who are busy doing great things. Add in some naps, a great movie, and some 17-year-old whiskey, and you have quite the weekend!

Things kicked off nicely on Friday with the delivery of five-sixths of our map collection from Bug Under Glass. I'm thrilled with how they turned out.

Bug Under Glass sells lots of gorgeous insect-related items, but this mapfiend had to have a set of their vintage maps framed with native butterflies.

On the top row, we have North Carolina, New York City, and Connecticut. On the bottom row, Boston, New Mexico, and a placeholder for Dallas. Kevin from Bug Under Glass didn't have a good Dallas map on hand, but I asked him to go ahead and send me the rest of these babies anyway. I love seeing our geographic history up on the wall... and the finished look with Dallas will bring us full circle.

Where's DC, you might ask? We're on the hunt for a DC-themed vertical art piece to hang beside this collection, currently represented by a sheet of newspaper. I'm the queen of mockups, what can I say?

All in the name of balance with our lovely radiator, of course!

I recently discovered that some people are skeeved out about framing butterflies (see comments), but never fear, Bug Under Glass is a humane harvester. (Here's some pretty fake butterfly framing if you're still skeeved.) Personally, I think these little beauties are just gorgeous, especially paired with the maps.

What do you say to framed butterflies? Yay or nea?


  1. Have you seen those ork posters of different cities? The neighborhoods are spelled out in the shape of the city. Hard to explain, but the DC one is cool.
    I have the gray/white screen print and it really pops with a white frame!

  2. I think that looks awesome. I don't know if the butterflies would fit my decor but I love how they look up there! Good call!

  3. hmm, i haven't considered the butterfly debate. does humanely harvested mean they just die naturally, then a nice butterfly farmer gently scoops them up, packages and ships them off? i don't think i have a problem with that.

    love the maps! i think i'm doing a map themed baby shower for my sister (the geographer).

  4. I think they look wonderful! I am not skeeved in the least by the butterfly issue. I'm from the South- maybe I'm just used to dead things hanging on the walls? Samma

  5. What a fantastic idea, I've been trying to think of a way to represent my husband and my geographic history and this looks like a great solution. I second the Ork DC poster, I really love it!

  6. I love this - so unique and special. I'm also thirsty for a G&T.


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