Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simple summer pleasures

I'm keeping things simple this week, breathing in summer. Here's what I'm loving:

Juicy nectarines...

 iced tea made with mint from the garden...

a blooming gardenia bush...

this light-as-air robe from Plum Pretty Sugar...

simple pesto spaghetti with a heap of golden cherry tomatoes...

...and the promise of even more from my basil plant out back.

What are you loving this August?

PS: Today on Oh So Beautiful Paper I'm highlighting gorgeous place-based art, which includes revealing what those weird little paper cut-out squares are all about.


  1. Love that robe and our similar lines of thought today! xo Samma

  2. I about cried when I realized I'd left my huge basil plant unattended for a week in the post-flood-haze. I checked on it Sunday and it was flowering like mad... 100% bitter leaves :( Oh well. Next summer.

  3. My basil plant is doing really well too!

  4. Your pesto pasta and beautiful basil plant have me drooling and green with envy! My basil has been yellow and flowering for two months, no matter how vigilantly I try to remove the buds. It's a lost cause.


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