Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I heart this.

So, Chipotle. Fast food, yes. Used to be owned by McDonald's, yes. But sources its pork from Niman Ranch (mmmm, carnitas). And tries to be better than the rest. And tastes delicious. And is coming to my neighborhood.

And now, brings us this.

The one and only Willie Nelson, recalling for me the Coldplay I used to love. This I can applaud.


  1. Did you see where they're closing Hawk & Dove? I wasn't a huge fan, but it was such a Hill classic. It's a shame it's closing. The Hill is losing so much of it's tradition. That being said, I love Chipotle. It's the only "fast" food I'll eat.

  2. Oh Lord. I just ate Chipotle because of you. No, I didn't eat food at Chipotle, but simply put the entire restaurant in my mouth. The end.

    Well, not the end. Do we consider Chipotle fast food? I'd sooner call those one-in-every-town mall "restaurants" (yes, those are bitch quotes) fast food. I mean, with Chipotle you can tell that they're *trying*, and you can see the strings, but to me it lives in that weird Shake Shack/Smashburger/In-n-Out purgatory. Maybe it's just the metric ton of guac talking. Who knows?

    Do feel better, by the way.

  3. First of all, Chipotle is my favorite restaurant ever. Second, that video made me tear up. And I'm downloading that song. I am so very jealous there is a Chipotle near you - the closest one to me is two hours away!

  4. I loved the video (and old Coldplay too)! So excited the Hill is getting a Chipotle!

  5. Is it odd that I'm sitting at my desk crying after that? Chipotle has proven a fast food restaurant can be ecologically responsible and still thrive. I just wish others would catch on / catch up!

  6. I love Chipotle, too! It's the only fast food I've eaten in years. Love this video.

  7. VERY cool. Thanks for sharing on here! It's s neat to see a business doing things the RIGHT way.


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