Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday chicks

It's this chick's birthday today, so what's more fitting than to celebrate a gaggle of other chicks' birthdays, too? I'm off to spend my birthday sanding and painting in the house, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. To birthday chicks!!!

(Some background on Chicken Watch... Parts 1, 2, and 3)

The first-born (like me!):

Here's a video of the first-born just out of the egg. My sister is crushed that she wasn't home when her first chick hatched. Listen to my brother-in-law tell her what's happening on the phone... (which is hilarious if you know Will).

Baby #2!

Here's a video of the second chick hatching. It's long but worth the wait. Funny cameos of babies and dogs are a bonus.

Things got crazy for a while there... here's Baby #7!

Eleven chicks!

Ridiculous cuteness

No words.

This little guy has hair like my nephew.

14 out of 16 eggs hatched, and now they're out of the incubator and into their "brooder." Pretty sweet digs!


  1. Video! I love it. Though I have to say, I much prefer them when they're cute and fluffy. Freshly hatched they're a bit sad looking. Also, why can't babies hatch instead of...the alternative. Seems like a better option to me at this point.

    Thanks for sharing.

    and most of all...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's wonderful.

  2. Happy birthday Maggie. Enjoy. The house must make it particularly satisfying.

  3. Happy happy happy birthday!!! Here's to three fantastic reasons to celebrate today :) cheers to you, the chicks and THAT HOUSE OMG. It is so beautiful! Happy day!

  4. So freakin' adorable. Happy birthday!!!

  5. New chickees, new digs, and a new year! Happy birthday, love! xoxox

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a simply fabulous day!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday Maggie. So glad you won the giveaway...although, you were my only entry. :) The chicken video is awesome! Seriously makes me think of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kinsolver. Can't wait to read more of your sisters blog. Love her sweet, kind, excited voice for her babies.

  8. Happy Birthday!! I hope you celebrate in a fabulous way!

    Those chickies are too sweet! I just want to pick one up and kind of nuzzle on them.

  9. Just catching up and yay chicks!! And your house? is amazing. I am in love. The windows are fabulous. And that kitchen?!? I would cook in that kitchen and I hate cooking!

    Happy, happy birthday sweet girl! Hope things continue to go so well!


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