Friday, April 15, 2011

Girl power, again (and always)

We're leaving behind ripped-up floors and ignoring our packing this weekend for a very important cause on the Outer Banks: three of the best girls in the world... my cousins!

I get to be Stage Cuz again and cheer on Zoe, who's starring in her high school's Thoroughly Modern Millie, as Millie (of course). I get to hear all about Sally's prom, where she stunned in the dress we shopped long and hard for. And I get to give Sophie a huge congratulations hug, because she recently decided to transfer not just majors, but colleges, and couldn't be more excited.

So. Well worth leaving behind a house that smells like polyurethane, don't you think? I'll also be borrowing some key items from my parents - a dolly and furniture cart. Yes please!

So these sore bones are headed to the beach... where if nothing else, T and I can at least catch up on some sleep. We're staying at the inn where we got married, so on top of all this family girl power, there should be a little bit of romance thrown in, too.

To girls! To family! To wedding locales! To rejuvenation! To sleeeeeeep!

Have a happy weekend, everyone! :-)


  1. Sounds like fun. Have a great weekend!

    Also, I'm awarding you with the One Lovely Blog Award! Check it out here:


  2. To romance:). Have a great time.

  3. hope you guys made it through the weather this weekend! i saw pictures of duck and it looked pretty severe!


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