Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One weird weekend

'Twas quite the weekend. We broke away from floors and walls and packing and headed down to the Outer Banks to stay in the inn where we were married. Amazing oysters bid us goodnight....

...and the ocean sunrise greeted us a good morning.

And so there was a long and late morning of lounging around in robes, drinking coffee, and overlooking our wedding location while reminiscing....

... and then a long walk on the beach in the chilly, serene weather.

Come afternoon, there was shopping around town, dinner with parents and cousins and my uncle, and finally, showtime!

Zoe was brilliant. Her voice!!! My favorite response was the school's vice principal, who said, "Zoe... you've got it going on, girl!" That she does. I was a proud Stage Cuz all over again.

Oh yeah, and this happened. Which was hilarious. T and my dad, twins!

After the show we were locked in the school due to tornado activity. We made the best of it.

We were locked in until 11 or so, and were turned back twice from getting back up to Duck to our fancy digs for the night. Trees, power lines, and housing materials from the storm were blocking the road. (Yes, there is one tiny road up to Duck. That's part of why it's so great.) Keep in mind that those of us humming along to jazz tunes in the auditorium had no idea any of this was happening outside. By the time we got out it wasn't even raining anymore.We finally gave up on the idea of getting back up to Duck around 1 a.m. and stayed with my family in Kitty Hawk for the night. So much for our incredibly restful Saturday night to prepare for the insane week ahead!

Ah well. At least the Sanderling had freshly made granola waiting for us when we finally arrived Sunday morning. I do love that place.

The bulk of the storm damage happened in two places I know and love: my hometown area, Wake County, and the area my family comes from, Bertie County. Thankfully everyone I know is safe, but I've been thinking about those in need quite a bit this week. Hanging out with my family instead of inside luxury bedding isn't exactly a burden, particularly compared to what some North Carolinians lost this weekend. As always, I feel lucky, humble, and grateful.

And so that's it. The movers come tomorrow, and wouldn't you know it... not a box is packed! This is the only way I know how to operate, apparently. Procrastinator 'til the end! Wait, what am I doing blogging right now, anyway? See ya!


  1. Glad you and your family are safe! A tornado touched down in my hometown on Saturday, too -- just a few miles from my parents' house. It tore the roof off of the local mall, but no major damage otherwise.

    Happy packing!

  2. Wow, how scary - but glad you and your loved ones are ok. Hope the moving goes well!

  3. So glad y'all are safe! Best of luck with the move; always a joy.

  4. Despite the weather, it sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad all are safe!


  5. while visiting dc this past weekend, i went to volt and it was A.MA.ZING.

    thanks for blogging about it--otherwise i would have missed out on knowing to tell my sister and her bf that's where i wanted to go!


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