Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to meet the fantastic folks behind some of my favorite reads. I know this sounds foreign to non-bloggers, but blogging is sort of like a giant fast-forward button for friendship. Some of my very favorite people on the planet are gals I never would've met if not for our weird world of blogging. In the past month alone, I met three new blog friends in "real life." This week's Friday I'm in Love, then: New blog pals!

 Erin of Olive Our House

 Erin of Olive Our House is a fellow DC resident with a killer sense of humor and a love for renovating her new-to-them old home in Northwest DC. Over drinks at Saint Ex, we commiserated over the high cost of shopping at Room & Board, the high drama that is DC real estate, and the general high-on-lifeness that is the Outer Banks, where we were both married. Get to know Erin (and her husband Sean, an occasional guest on the blog) for lots of wry humor and home decor inspiration. I look forward to lots more Erin time together in town soon (private pilates instruction in exchange for... hmmmm.... can I offer anything here?). You can follow Erin's tweets at @oliveourhouse.

Suzie of SW Suz

Suzie of the self-titled SW Suz was in town for a conference, so I played dirty and tempted her away from work with descriptions of Oyamel's salt air margaritas, which did not disappoint. They're sort of like drinking the ocean, if the ocean was delicious and made you all happy-glowy tingly. Thankfully Suzie agreed with me. She was fresh off another business trip to Albuquerque where I'd hooked her up with dining recommendations, and I was thrilled that she loved my old stomping grounds enough to start planning a return trip for pleasure with her husband. Go ABQ! We spent a lot of time talking about the life choices that prompt big moves to new places, something the two of us know a lot about, and that endless conversation topic that is working with the government. Suzie's fantastic, and tweets at @suzietu.

Lisa of Privilege

Lisa of Privilege was visiting DC with a friend and fit me into her busy sightseeing schedule with a breakfast date at the St. Regis. I've read Lisa for a while now, and am consistently intrigued by her musings on fashion, corporate culture, High Waspiness, and intellectual tradition. We had an absolutely delightful breakfast together, touching on DC's role as both a symbol and a functioning city, family structures and choices, and the shifting winds of politics. Lisa's blog offers a little something for everyone - old family photos and guest posts from her retired professor father are among my favorites. Lisa tweets daily at @AmidPrivilege, where she promotes the #amwearing hashtag and makes me jealous of spring in California.

Are there any new blog friends that you'd like to brag about?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


  1. Maggie, thank you so much. It's mutual.

  2. I love the blogging world and getting to "meet" so many amazing people. And meeting them in real life is even better! Happy weekend!

  3. I love finding great new blogs to read - thanks for introducing me to three more! And I'm drooling over your description of the salt air margaritas. YUM.

  4. aww, thanks! looking forward to our next bitchfest! (i hope it's ok that i said bitch on here. twice.)

  5. Love following your Tweets and am such a fan of your blog. I feel like I know Lisa too and recently Melissa! Such a small world of bloggers. Hope to meet you IRL in DC one of these days for Turkish coffee. :) Am now following Erin. Love the name Olive Our House! So cute.

  6. It was so much fun meeting you, and I'm going to figure out how to replicate those salt air margaritas! I hope the next time I'm in the District I have more time for fun:)
    Have a great weekend and thank you so much!

  7. Long live your love life.....
    I will pray god to give you lots of happiness....

  8. Nice story. I hope your script will be the most popular in the world of love. Thanks for sharing.


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