Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Tour: The Great Outdoors

So as we know, urban yards are teeny-tiny. We lucked out with a house on the end of the block, which gives us a side yard - pretty dang rare 'round these parts. As you saw last year with my patio garden, I like to get my hands dirty and make things grow, and I have more than enough space to do so here, which is fantastic. I really like the challenge of gardening in a small space - not that I'm anywhere near ready to tackle a landscaping project at the moment. Here's the big, juicy bonus to our yard(s) - our cherry trees are in bloom! How pretty are they? Every mid-April, we get to have our very own Cherry Blossom Festival. Parade optional. I snapped these shots just this morning:

There are ugly hedges out there, a pretty random assortment of plants, and a lot of nothing... all great opportunities to make things my own, in my mind. That's the great news (alongside those fabulous cherry trees, of course). Are you ready for the not-so-great news?

Allow me to introduce you to our backyard. Some call it The Blue Boat, some call it The Amphitheater, but all call it... the most bizarre deck ever created.

(Photos courtesy of sellers' agent)

That's right, folks. When you step outside our back door, your feet never touch the ground. Perhaps the blue paint represented "walking on water" for the previous owners? Perhaps they feared dirt? Perhaps they staged large Beer Pong tournaments that required stadium seating? (Okay, that is actually T's idea... and a brilliant one, I might add.) 

Regardless of their intentions, one thing is undeniable: this sucker is going to be a hell of a lot of fun to tear down some day after a really stressful week. And when that fine day arrives, I'm going to get out a lot of aggression. Anyone care to join our deck-smashing party?

But hey... at least the cherry blossoms look pretty back here!

So there you have it, the full House Tour. We've been busting our buns every night tackling some projects that are better handled sans furniture and kittenz, so hopefully by next week I'll have a thing or two to show off. Movers help us bring the big things over on Wednesday, and we have until next Saturday to get the rest of our apartment emptied. Tick tock, tick tock.

Hint, hint: For the eagle eyes among you, one of my completed projects can actually be seen in the first set of photos. Did anyone catch it?

House Tour


  1. Is that a fresh coat of paint on the door? Either your front door has a fresh coat of red paint or that agent needs a higher-quality camera...

    And you have a killer stage for a family talent show (like Dan in Real Life) in that ampitheater-style deck... :)

  2. The door looks like a brighter red to me, too!

    That deck is really bizarre. I guess the bright side (other than beer pong) is you don't have to mow back there?

  3. we'll be right over for beer pong. we'll bring our own his n' hers paddles--in our rival colleges school colours. they were a gift from one of the groomsmen (thanks, andy!).

  4. Red front door! Love it. That deck is very . . . unique?

  5. Oooh I can't wait for the family talent show! I'll def come to DC for that, and sit in the front row of the blue boat.

  6. that deck is perfect for dance parties! or a talent show, like already suggested. i wonder why they chose blue?

    love your cherry trees! and the red door.

  7. I love the whole place Maggie!

  8. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous!

  9. You guys are right - I painted the door bright red! Thanks for all the yard love - and particularly for the creative ideas for how we can use the Blue Boat while it's still around ;-).

  10. Loving the red door! And the trees are all so pretty. But the amphitheater??? Can't wait to see how this transforms!

  11. Beautiful cherry blossoms! And I have no doubt you and T will tackle that amphitheater with vengeance. And, yes, I noticed the bright red door. Love!


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