Wednesday, April 13, 2011

House Tour: Basement

Our house tour wouldn't be complete without the basement, now would it? After all, this was the part of the house that made us walk away, that prompted public ridicule, and that we had to ignore just to put in an offer on this place. The entry to the basement is right off the dining room, with the same original door and rackety old door knob that the rest of the house has. But once you start down those stairs, you realize something different is going on. Perhaps that's just your subconscious crouching pose talking...

As always, photos are courtesy of the sellers' agent. These photos are all just screen grabs off the agent's slideshow when the house was listed, by the way. I've been trimming his excited sayings from below each picture, but I thought since the basement was a special circumstance, we'd maintain the agent's proclamations. I think you'll see why.

"Wide-open layout flexible for everything except standing!"

"Technically you don't need to stand up straight to play pool or watch TV! 6'3" Man Of The House, this is your chance for air hockey!"

"No really, Lady of the House, you definitely won't feel like you're working in a dungeon if you put your home office down here!"

"Okay men, shhhhhh, here's the deal. This entire 6-foot basement thing is actually an elaborate ruse to get you out of ever doing laundry. Brilliant, right?"

So that's the basement. It's big, but not very useful for much except storage. T's looking to buy a recumbent bike. I can do Jillian down there if I keep my jumps small. But in the meantime, it's working quite nicely as a staging ground for all of our stuff. Which we don't have to give away since we can store it. On the bright side.

House Tour


  1. this house! i can't even handle it. so stunning. i love that it all worked out for you guys in the end.

  2. Amazing! I am jealous of your storage. I also am curious to see what you do down there. I mean since the hubs doesn't fit that is your space right?

  3. You need to get a photo of T standing down there to really give us perspective!

  4. I'm telling you... Midget (ahem, "Little Person") Porn Production Set.

    Seriously. I see early retirement in your future with this one.

  5. Well since your husband is too tall for the basement maybe it can become your "woman cave"? Why do only men get to have "caves"? It does look like a great space though minus the whole height issue thing.

  6. I love the realtor commentary - hilarious in that not quite lying, not quite telling the truth way that they have. It almost passes as looking normal until you realize that a couch and washer are 3 feet tall... But what's crazy to me is that It's obvious that the former owners actually used it??

    Obviously the rest of the house more than makes up for a funky basement and having all that storage space will be great!


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