Monday, March 22, 2010

OIY: Order it Yourself

There were supposed to be DIY moving announcements. They were to be made out of our moving boxes: postcard-sized cutouts of cardboard with clever sayings stamped on and some great-looking twine holding the package together. Kind of like this.

But there was also supposed to be furniture a week after we got here instead of three weeks later. And none of it was supposed to arrive broken. And record-breaking snowstorms weren't really in the picture, either. So when those moving boxes of ours finally got here, I didn't want to hang onto them a second longer than I had to for unnecessary crafting. Except for those boxes I still can't get around to unpacking, of course - I really like hanging onto those, apparently:

 So no, there are not DIY moving announcements. Instead, there is Tiny Prints to the rescue, and an adorable little moving announcement that all I had to do was order. "I" to "we," of course.

Sometimes, life needs a shortcut or two. I'm okay with that. Lots of work catchup to do this week after spending five days in NC, and then I have *got* to get my office in shape, wouldn't you say?


  1. Oh Maggie, your space is looking so amazing! Are those Billy bookcases I spy? I'm dying to get my hands on a few, but am not sure of how they handle serious book weight- thoughts?
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Hey Lulu! The Billys come with attachments that you can use to secure them to the wall. I chose not to do so for the Billy holding kitchen stuff in the other room, but our books are so heavy - and we have so many of them - that I did secure these to the wall. It's a snap and makes them worry-free - go for it!

  3. love the granny d poster!

  4. Ah, the bookshelves look great! I need a library/office so badly. Completely unrelated but I have set my mama on the creation of a utensil holder. What roughly are the dimensions of your planter? I am requesting something fairly narrow due to lack of counter space.

  5. I love the announcements you chose! The boxes were probably sopped with dirty-snow water anyway. And those bookshelves are to die for.

    I hope everything went well in NC and that your grandmother is on the mend.

  6. Tiny Prints? Love them. I used them for our Christmas cards last year featuring our kid. I hate the typical glossy photo cards and Tiny Prints offered unique and anti-cheesy options.

  7. I love Billy bookcases! We have some in the brown-black color with the benno towers on each side. They are great for storage! Your office is looking good :)

  8. I lurve the announcements... in fact, I have one proudly hanging on my fridge right this second!


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