Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

One hopeless consumerism item for you this week, and two more videos. What can I say... videos have been doing it for me lately. (Why yes, my books are sitting neglected on my bedside table... can you tell? Give me a break, at least I finally subscribed to the Post! Being a bookworm again will commence once I can walk into my closet and I have art on the walls, okay?) Um, anyway, back to my picks for the week:

Two Paths Trench

It's raining this morning, which makes me think that I really "need" this trench. Very early birthday present to myself?

NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl by 2018

Pitch perfect, this video. Full credit to my sister-in-law for bringing this brilliance into my life. Seriously, watch it. Cackle. Weep with delight. Thank me later. (ps: While we're talking The Onion, I sometimes fear I'm turning into this guy.)?

The Runaways

Whatever, naysayers, this movie looks kind of rad. I know there are legions of Kristen Stewart haters out there, but I'm not among you for two reasons: A) I haven't seen any of the Twilight films B) I have seen Adventureland. But more importantly, Dakota Fanning all growns up and rocking it onstage? I want this movie to be 2010's Whip It.


  1. Four quick things:
    1) Appropriately cool review in the NYT ...we're definitely seeing this movie

    2) I find Kristen Stewart utterly and totally unappealing off-screen, to the point where it creates an irrational and reactionary dislike of everything about her. But she's awesome in Adventureland, and was born to play Joan Jett.

    3) The Dakota Fanning casting surprised me too, especially since Taylor Momsen comes with a much more established tween fan base and fronts a band in real life that gets some positive love from critics. But maybe since she seems headed for a Cherie Currie-esque meltdown in real life and there was no need to go there on screen.

    4) Lita Ford = totally the forgotten Runaway.

  2. I do love some "Cherry Bomb"- that was a skipping school anthem for a while sophomore year of high scool. That kind of skeeves me out now.

    Anyway, the trench is a good investment right?

  3. i hate the rain. but i could totally rock that trench with my awesome kamik wales!

    i'd love for you to enter my first ever give*away if you are interested :)


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