Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week from today, we're in Brides Magazine!

As a kid who wanted to write from the time she could hold a pencil, being featured in a national magazine would seemingly be a lifelong goal. But being featured in a national magazine due to pretty pictures and the fact that I said "I Do?" Not really what my politics-obsessed newshound self had in mind. But hey, I'll take it!

A week from today, the May issue of Brides Magazines hits the newsstands, and our wedding is featured as one of their Real Weddings. Kind of surreal for this camera-shy girl. I did the interviews early this year, but have no idea what photos they'll be using or how they'll spin our little shindig. Only time will tell! I loved our wedding and I love the idea that a non-bridey-bride girl like me might see this feature and realize she's in good company. So to that: bravo!

Brides Magazine: Not Just For Girls Who Like The Word "Bride"

Tick tock, tick tock, one week to go.


  1. Hooray!
    How so very exciting.

    I am so delighted I got to be a part of your planning ~ I mean seriously, I love that you stayed true to your personality and didn't fall prey to the "blog-worthy" fake wedding shoot stuff everyone seems to be bamboozled by these days.


  2. This is really exciting! Can't wait to see your feature. PS I'm a writer too :)

  3. I am so excited. And I'll finally get to buy a wedding mag again-mwwah ha ha! It's weird how much I miss that whole sector of mags.

  4. That's amazing! I will look out for pics of the goods on your blog soon.

  5. I'm SO excited for you, Maggie! You absolutely deserve to have this showcase, after all the creative time and energy you put into your big day! Looking very forward to purchasing a copy! ;)

  6. Cannot wait to see this! I am so excited for you! It is most certainly well-deserved!

  7. Do you get a preview? I can't believe you get no editorial control!

  8. I agree with Samma - I am so excited to have a legit reason to purchase a bridal magazine again! I'm sure it is going to be just gorgeous.

  9. !!!
    I'm gonna go out and buy a copy! Congrats! It's going to look great.

  10. Oh wow! How so very awesome!!!! So excited for you.


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