Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little finds of mine

To answer some recent queries, a little spotlight on two favorite items around our apartment:

1. My I Love Eastern North Carolina pillow, from this post.

I know, isn't it ridiculously cute?

The pillow is from Etsy seller Love California, and is even more adorable in person than in the photo! I'm actually going to order another one from her, so I'd better act fast before all of you read this and get your own orders in before mine. Here's why Love California wool felt pillows are amazing: she can make pillows for every state, she offers 13 colors, and you can have the heart placed wherever you'd like! So go get your state pride on in pillow form! I kind of want to have one for each of my favorite places. Is that overkill?

2. My "utensil crock," from this post.

Please enjoy the junk on the table in the background

This is actually a planter! I searched high and low for a utensil crock to solve my old kitchen problem of When Kitchen Utensils Attack. I was using three different standard-sized crocks (they were flame Le Creuset, imagine that) and it was a constant battle to find what I was looking for, have all my utensils clean at the same time, and keep them inside the crocks. I soon discovered there aren't any crocks made for the size I needed, so I began searching Etsy for potters I liked who might do a custom order. No such luck. Finally, I started the search for planters, knowing I could get closer to the size I needed and hoping I could find something decent. After almost going the windowbox route (thinking I'd stain or paint it to match the kitchen), I landed upon this planter at the Nicholson-Hardie Garden Shop in Dallas. It's 16"x6" and fits everything with ease while also looking a lot less cluttered. My only remaining task now is to create permanent dividers inside for better organization. I have cardboard dividers in there now as a temporary solution. All in all, though, a much better system for me. And thanks for noticing!


  1. I love the planter (and all your wooden spoons- they are my fave). Ahem, did you know that my mama is a potter? Now I think I suggest a utensil holder such as this. As a fellow wooden utensil afficionado, I'm sure she will oblige!

  2. Thanks - I NEEEED a Texas pillow! :)

  3. Love your kitchen tool holder! I use a metal flower pot. I don't think the traditonal tool holders hold much of anything!

  4. I love the planter idea--I would never have thought of that in a million years. And you bedding looks cute too-- I love those shams, Nice job of coordinating, but not being matchy matchy.

  5. Thanks for sharing Love California and their amazing pillows. I really want a Virginia one!

  6. I absolutely love the utensil caddy. It's rustic and fresh all at the same time. I'm also jealous of your utensil collection - I'd love to see a full tour of your kitchen goodies sometime. :)

  7. Win a Love, California pillow - this week only!


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