Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freckled Citizen Birthday Giveaway!

One year ago this week, after years of blogging with friends or with a specific focus, I planted my flag at this address and started a little project of my own: The Freckled Citizen. I hoped it would become a catch-all for my weird and varied interests and be a little space that could grow in time, meandering all the while with my moods and inclinations. I've written about food and place and diversions and pretty things and big meaty life stuff and more... and you all have hung tight through all of it, so kudos to you! To celebrate turning one, I thought a big 'ol birthday present was in order... not for me, but for you!

Allow me to present The Freckled Citizen Birthday Bonanza, a selection of some of my favorite finds, hand-picked just for you!

The Freckled Citizen Birthday Bonanza
  • For your correspondence: a folk art floral card set from Dutch Door Press, one of my go-to sources for letterpress that feels fresh and pretty every time. 
  • For your kitchen: A "Buy Local, Eat Seasonal" tea towel calendar from Claudia Pearson, adorably illustrated and sure to inspire your seasonal cooking.
  • For your plants: A set of vintage silverware plant markers just like mine, from Monkeys Always Look.
  • For your mouth: Bertie County Sea Salt & Black Pepper Peanuts, my favorite down-home snack that I raved about here.
  • For your nose: An Out of The Kiln gingerbread candle from my favorite hometown shop, because they're as rustically gorgeous as they are delicious-smelling.
  • And for the room in your home just begging for the cutest pop of happy wool felt you've ever seen: A Love California State Pillow just like mine, only custom-designed by you. You pick the state, the color, and where the heart goes... you know, for the place that makes you the happiest.

How to Win: 
  • Leave a comment that describes your favorite place and why it's so special to you.
  • If you're feeling generous, also let me know your favorite thing about The Freckled Citizen so that I can be sure to keep it up this year. And make sure an e-mail address is associated with your Blogger profile or included in the text of your comment so that I can reach you if you're the big winner.
  • I'll randomly select a winner this Friday, July 9 ... the actual birthday of the blog!
  • Good luck! I can't wait to read about everyone's favorite places.


  1. Are there any (dis)qualifications regarding nepotism?

  2. My favorite place is New Mexico, in the mountains after a good summer rain. It's special because it reminds me of home and being a kid at summer camp.

    I love seeing your fabulous patio! It's inspiration to my basil plant that is about to die.

  3. My favorite place is Wrightsville Beach NC. I prefer to be at our grandparents house, in a rocking chair, with a nice cocktail in my hand. My sister chattering on beside me. I also like to be in my bathing suit with beach hair, looking at the ocean. The hubs and the nephews fishing from the dock. Ahh heaven.

    I adore your blog. The cooking features are some of my faves! Keep it up! And happy blogbirthday!

  4. What a cute giveaway! My favorite place is my fiance's parents' house. We spend every Sunday there, and their house feels like home to me (I live hundreds of miles away from my family) I spend my days there relaxing and reading magazines, cooking, drinking wine, snacking on all the yummy food his mama has made for us, while she plays with our little one. It such a nice break and we've made so many memories that will forever be close to my heart. :]

    And my favorite thing about your blog is the 'about me' section. It's such a cute story and the photo you have up matches your words perfectly. :]


  5. My very favorite place is a small beach town in Florida - Ponte Vedra Beach. My grandparents have lived there all of my life and I spent every summer visiting them and getting plenty of beach and pool time in. It reminds me so much of my childhood and why the beach is my favorite place to be to this day. Very coincidentally, my husband is also from Ponte Vedra. We met in Atlanta (where we live) and quickly realized his parents lived literally around the corner from my Nana and we grew up going to the same pool, beach, etc. :) It has a lot of special meaning to both of us!

  6. My favorite place is Minnesota (born and raised). I love the change in seasons and especially the North Shore.

  7. My favorite place is Austin. It is home and I love it.

    I love the way you talk about food. I can almost taste it!

  8. My grandparent's backyard is my favorite place on earth. The back of the house has a big deck with a bench swing which overlooks the SF bay. The tree house I spent my childhood playing in is in that yard. I learned to swim in their pool. It just feels like home to me.

    One of my favorite parts of your blog is the way you write about food with so much passion. I want to make every recipe you share because you just write about them with such love!

  9. My favorite place is Cooperstown, NY. I went to college close by, and it was a nice escape for the day. My husband is a huge baseball fan, and I love history and literature, so Cooperstown is symbolic of us. Not only is it the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it is James Fenimore Cooper's hometown and the has several great museums.

    I enjoy lots about your blog, but specifically the unique items you find, like the letterpress cards, posters, and your NC pillow!

  10. My favorite place is the one you just left, that I affectionally call the "Promised Land" or the great state of Texas. If I were to make my own pillow, I would have no idea where to put the heart because I love the whole state. I'd probably end up with it over San Antonio, my home town.

    Someday, I'll wind up back at home where I belong.

    I miss the wedding blog but I enjoy your "Friday I'm in Love" feature and I'm uber-envious of your patio garden.

  11. Hendersonville, North Carolina is my favorite place in the entire world. There are other places that are more beautiful (Florence), more fun (Utila, Honduras), faster paced (NYC) but Hendersonville is truly my favorite. Just outside of Asheville it's the perfect combination of relaxed, woodsy, and perfect.

    You'll have to tell us about your favorite place! I'm sure it will be somewhere on the coast!

    As for my favorite part of your blog... I love the combination of it all-- your apartment, your cooking, it's that this blog isn't just about one thing I like, it about several things I like and much more written by someone (you!) who feels like a very real person.

    Happy (Blog) Birthday week!


  12. sigh. And I missed a comma up there. I'm sure you've already noticed. Ugh, and then there is a comma splice. The horror!

  13. Happy blog birthday! Yay for having this space on the internet that you can call your own, and yay for blog friends!

    My favorite place is Port Townsend, Washington. My family has a remote little cottage on the water there, and it's the kind of place that's completely quiet, with nothing to do but read, curl up by the fire, and stare at the ocean. The town is a quaint old Victorian shipping town and has the best markets, shops, and restaurants. The best-kept secret in the Northwest. Lots of sentimental value there for me (got engaged there, etc.) and weekends there are what I'll miss most when I leave the Northwest.

    My favorite thing about your blog is the content. I'm constantly discovering new things through you: food, literature, music, websites, clothing. I feel like I've been reading your blog long enough that I know that I our tastes in these things mesh well, and I love clicking over to find new things to make my life more interesting. I'm also inspired by the way you write. You have quite a gift, my friend!

    Here's to many more years of Freckled Citizenship!

  14. We moved so often that I never really became attached to any house/city. So this is going to sound crazy (pun intended), but my favorite place in the world is the insane asylum in St. Remy where Van Gogh painted Starry Night. I had a very poignant moment there when I was 15 or so that has stuck with me ever since.

    I love seeing your garden (I need a plant whisperer of my own!) and your recipes/cooking posts. I must admit that the cab braised short ribs are my surefire way to impress a guy after a few dates!

  15. I love Italy. The huge, long lunches with family and friends. The incredible espresso. The seashore.

  16. my favorite place in the world is sometimes my worst nightmare.....it´s a house in the country, 6 km from my actual city, in which i used to run between trees, with my dogs, and brothers and cousins....it´s the family house right know. It is located in cordoba, spain. I remember myself eating fruits from the trees.....and also my nightmare, because i care to much for all the tomatoes, and pumkins, and all vegetables around the year....
    so i will appreciate to be in the lottery even when i am from abroad!!!

  17. My favorite place is my parent's cabin in northern Michigan. It's a perfect get-away! We have such wonderful weekends up there! So many awesome memories and so many more to come!

    I love when you post recipes! They are delicious!


  18. My favorite place is a farm in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. It's the yearly site of a music festival that I've been camping at my whole life. My family goes every year, I met my now-husband there, and it feels like home.

    My favorite thing about your blog is when you mention things you love that I end up loving...books about politics, recipes, whatever!

  19. My favorite place is the Texas hill country....I love the people, the music, the food, the wonderful way of life!

    I really enjoy the diversity of your blog....I love learning new things and ideas. Your writing has been inspirational and often times a hoot!

    Happy Blog Birthday!


  20. My favorite place is driving through the back country of Ohio. There is something so relaxing about seeing farmland that goes on for ages, the lush foliage in the fall, small towns that time has seemingly forgotten and Amish selling homebakes out of the back of their buggies. There is really nothing like the mid-west.

    I read your blog religiously - though I rarely comment. I love your delicious tasting recipes, reading about your adventures in gardening (I, too, am trying to become a gardener to varying success) and your writing style/writing voice.

    Happy Blog Birthday!


  21. You went all out - I'm dying over all the swag!

    My favorite place, of course, is Austin - the music, the food, the vibe, the people - mostly the people :)

    I love it all, Maggie - but mostly I love how the FC just sounds like YOU... not as good as a shared glass of champagne in person, but close enough to pass the time!

  22. How fun!

    My favorite place without a doubt is San Francisco. I can't even explain it, but the town has me captivated.

    My favorite thing about your blog is actually 2 things. I love your recipes! And I love how unique you are... your perspective on things and what you find interesting is different from most of the blogs I read and it's very refreshing. Your posts are some of my most-looked-forward-to.

  23. My favorite place is grandma's bed after I've taken a shower and the fan is blowing on me. All of those conditions must be met for it to become my favorite place. I love how peaceful and clean and relaxed I feel then.
    I love the recipes you put up.

  24. I have a serious case of wanderlust, so picking a favorite place is tricky. Probably Napa Valley, New Orleans or strolling down the National Mall. If we can get uber specific about "place", then the corner seat of my sectional sofa that is chilling in storage tops the list.

    I just adore the Freckled Citizen for more reasons than I can list here! I think that overall I appreciate having found a blogger who I can relate to on so many levels. Your posts strike the perfect balance of food porn/pretty things/thought provoking intrapersonal examination/silly humor/current affairs.

    Happy Blogiversary!


  25. I think I'd have to pick Iceland. It really felt like unspoiled beauty and there were so many geological happenings that hold my interest. If given the option I'd move there tomorrow - volcano and all.

    Stateside I'd definitely pick my home state of Ohio... Columbus in particular. One stroll through the Short North District and it's clear to see it's a fantastic place.

    I most appreciate The Freckled Citizen recipes and those mouthwatering photos. Keep those coming!

    duellema AT hotmail dot com

  26. My favorite place changes with with my mood. Sometimes it is as simple as sitting on the back porch looking at the gardens and watching the birds. Or maybe sitting in my office at work watching the fox outside of my window with her three little babies and forgetting all about the piles of work that are waiting for my attention. Maybe it is a place of great adventure like Africa where everything is a feast for the eyes and you try so hard to imprint it on your brain for fear that you are seeing things you will never see again. Or maybe it is a place - any place - where the love of your life, all of your children, their children and their terrific partners surround you. This world is full of magical places - just look at the variety in all of the comments that have been written so far. What makes them magical is the feelings they generate inside of you.

  27. Happy blog birthday! Thanks for welcoming us all in to your online home!

    I have so many favorite places: Mom and Dad's house and my old bedroom; St. George Island and its blue waves and fresh shrimp; Florence, Italy and the colorful flowers and rich history; my aunt and uncle's house; our little rental that we've made our own; any vacation spot where Jordan and I finally get to rest and relax together... The list really could go on and on!

    One thing I really love about your blog is that you run the gamut. Sometimes I get bored of these blogs that are just design, or just fashion, or just food. I like your personal and political musings and that you aren't afraid to tackle a multitude of topics. Well done!

  28. what a lovely giveaway! i think my favorite place is anywhere in the blue ridge mountains. i grew up there, i went to college there, and now i work there. all in different towns and cities, but it's very comforting to be able to look out my window and see the mountains.

    i'm a new follower so no favorites yet, but i'm loving it all!

  29. My favorite place is Nashville. I just love everything about the city-- good music and great people. It's definitely home!

    I love everything about your blog. I love your free spirit attitude and the way you speak what you believe. Keep it up!

  30. I'm of the camp who doesn't have just one favorite place, but in the spirit of keeping my comment short, one of my favorite places is Petoskey, MI at the 4th of July. There's just something about green birch forests, Lake Michigan, and Victorian style cottages that set off all of the Americana perfectly. When I think of it, the entire drive from MN to MI via the Upper Peninsula is one of my favorite places. I've made that drive in good times and in bad, by myself and with friends and family. (So much for a short comment).

    My favorite thing about your blog is that it's true to you-- optimistic, generous and fun. (Also, love the decorating updates).

  31. My favorite place, other than my home state of Louisiana, is Gulf Shores/Perdido Key. I love the Gulf.

    I've been fortunate to live in 2 very unique, fun states: Louisiana and South Carolina. And I feel like our kids will know lots of fun culture because of where we come from.

    My favorite thing about the Freckled Citizen is that I can count on finding fun ideas that are true to Maggie. Cute finds, passionate points of view, and good stories about daily life. Love this little place on the internet!

    p.s. I was about to be the first commenter yesterday, but I decided to come back and comment today because #1 never wins! :)

  32. I'm torn for favorite places between Healdsburg/ Sonoma (love the quaint towns & endless supply of delicious wine) and anywhere near the beach. I love waking up to the sound of the waves.
    I'm enjoying so many aspects of your blog these days, but I love it when you share recipes. I made your Summer Orzo Salad over the weekend, and it did not disappoint! YUM!

  33. What lovely things. How I'd love to win this!

    My all-time favorite place is the great state of Colorado. Having been raised on the east coast, I fell in love with it in early adulthood. Jackson, WY is a close second!

    One of the things I like about the FC - aside from the fact that you live in DC like I do - is your unabashed love of pretty paper, which I share. Also love when you post your etsy finds!

  34. Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming has to be one of the most peaceful and picturesque places in our country. I have been lucky to travel to Europe & South America, but after working for AAA and helping people travel all over the U.S., I was astounded at all the places I wanted to visit that didn't require a passport.
    We honeymooned at Jenny Lake Lodge, so my choice may be colored by the newlywed haze. The food is delectable - espresso-rubbed venison, anyone? - the one-room cabins w/ handmade quilts and an endless supply of Tazo tea are private and cozy, and you cannot beat a clear view of snow-capped mountains mirrored on a glassy lake of glacier water.
    I wish we could vacation there more often, but that's what makes it special, I guess.

    Reading your blog is like having a conversation with you. You're always saying such interesting things; I forget that you can't hear me respond, and it doesn't really matter. I love knowing what movies you're seeing, what books you're reading, and especially now that you live much closer to me, knowing I can pop up and experience whatever your new favorite thing around the corner is. Lots of Maggesque love over here.

  35. Sorry I haven't entered until now! This is fun, and what fun items you have picked out. My favorite (excluding vacation spots) would be Annapolis because it's just so pretty and because it's home.

    I like all parts of your blog! Fridays I'm in love are always great though!

  36. my favorite place is duck, north carolina- where my then-boyfriend and I went on our first "vacation" and later got married. my in-law's have a place there with a screened in porch like no other!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. My favorite place is Manhattan Beach, CA. It's where I lived right after college and have so many great memories from living there (including getting engaged on the beach)!

    My favorite thing about The Freckled Citizen... I still really just love your politics-inspired beach wedding. So unique, so you, and so beautiful! I've never met you but I think you be a fun person to hang out with.


  39. Although I'd say generally that my favorite place is anywhere near the ocean...if I had to be specific I would pick LBI - the site of many family vacations while growing up and many highjinks once I was old enough to go on my own. I love that place - the fact that you have an ocean AND a bay and you can actually go to the end of the island at Barnegat and just be surrounded by water. I'm smilling just thinking about it (and realizing that my postcard from Barnegat Light didn't make it into my new office must go find that!).

    I think the thing I love most about your blog is you. You are so down to earth and real and I love everything you suggest (I've tried a LOT of your suggestions). You have impeccable taste and a love for everything that makes you smile - and that makes me smile when I read.

  40. My favorite place is 2 peaks (the hippie dippie name) or as the Toasenos like to call it Dos orejas in northern New Mexico. My husband I have a little piece of land there and a house of our very own. 2 peaks is different than anywhere I’ve ever been – totally free and wild (and lawless) where people build houses out of wood pallets and mattress frames and make lives for themselves in a place that’s not very easy to live. It’s a great place to go and be totally alone and isolated, slow way down from the pace of daily life, watch the sunsets and stars, and do the things I love. Our dream is to be able to spend all our time on the mesa some day… Until then, we go every chance we can.

    My favorite thing about your blogs is that you post lots of fun finds and tips. My favorite so far was the immersion blender, which I love!

    tinycutie37 AT gmail DOT com

  41. Happy blog birthday to the Freckled Citizen! I'm so happy our cyber paths crossed. I can always count on you for simple, tasty recipes (the mustard-baked chicken with pretzel crust is on regular rotation in our house), pretty paper finds (I also adore Dutch Door Press), and just really engaging writing.

    I have many favorite places, one of which is Lake Anna in Virginia. Nick took me there just one month after we met. (I later found out he told his buddies that weekend that I was the girl he would marry.) We go at least once every summer, and it's the quintessential place to unplug, grab a book and a beer, and enjoy nature.

  42. Unfortunately, I have not been able to spend a ton of time in my favorite place - Boston, Mass. My husband is watching me type this, and he just guessed it.
    I got to spend a day there as a freshman in college and fell in love with the city. Then - I spent two weeks there last summer and knew where I wanted to spend the rest of my life (convincing the who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with was a bit more difficult). I just loved the feel of the city. Spending hours in the Common reading and hanging out with friends, finding a Dunkin Donuts on every other corner, trying out new restaurants (like one of the places where we went in Chinatown, where we were the only white people and I had to learn how to use chopsticks very quickly). I have so many great memories from that city and am praying I get to go back for grad school in about a year!
    As far as the blog goes - I don't know that I would change anything. I feel like there's a great mix of personal stories, great recipes, fun reviews of everything, and just fun, quirky bits. So glad the Freckled Citizen has been around this past year!

  43. Adding my email address!

    What lovely things. How I'd love to win this!

    My all-time favorite place is the great state of Colorado. Having been raised on the east coast, I fell in love with it in early adulthood. Jackson, WY is a close second!

    One of the things I like about the FC - aside from the fact that you live in DC like I do - is your unabashed love of pretty paper, which I share. Also love when you post your etsy finds!

  44. My favorite place is Brooklyn, NY, NY. It has everything I'd ever want in one place: my boyfriend, interesting people to people watch, delicious food, fun things to do like a mini theme park and a beach!, and i've had some of my best memories there. sometimes it doesn't feel like my favorite place it feels like home! (and i hope one day it will be!)

    email! mf544@bard.edu

    (I LOVE THAT PILLOW!!! I would totally get north carolina with fayettville as the star since that is where i lived as a little kid!)

  45. My favorite place is the beach. I know that sounds too broad, but really, if I'm near the ocean, I feel peace. Instantly. Someday, I'll live on the North Carolina coast. Someday!

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! I feel so lucky to have discovered The Freckled Citizen. Always feel happy after visiting here. One of my favorite things about TFC is your "Friday I'm in Love" column. Perfect way to kick off the weekend!



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