Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Greetings from our nation's capital, via the power of scheduled posting! My three picks for the week:

New Wave Victorian

I have pages of bookmarks on etsy of art printed onto newsprint, collages using newsprint, you name it - it's kind of my thing. My latest discovery producing such yumminess is thespottedsparrow, who makes these fantastic images using digital newsprint collage and printed images. In her New Wave Victorian series, she combines Victorian images with lines from some of my favorite New Wave songs, all set against newsprint. Is there a more brilliant combination, really? I mean, "She Blinded Me With Science," featuring a corseted Marie Curie lookalike? "You Spin Me Right Round" on a high wheel bicycle? "Rock Me Amadeus," with a dapper gentleman leaning against a piano? So, so good.

Bertie County Sea Salt and Black Pepper Peanuts

Oh man, these things are good. And addictive. Full disclosure: Bertie County is where my grandparents are from. Pretty much no one is from Bertie County. And my grandparents grew peanuts, among other things. Not these peanuts, though - no financial incentive on my part to urge you to buy them. They're just damn good peanuts. And they're produced by real folks instead of factories. And if you can't justify buying regular 'ol peanuts from a weird county in northeastern NC just because, consider the new experience of Sea Salt and Black Pepper peanuts, which I'll bet is a flavor you've never tried. It might be the first time, but I bet you it won't be the last. If sea salt and black pepper isn't your style, there's always the standard-bearer for decadent and unstoppable nomming.

Cottage Industrialist Seasonal Calendar

I do love calendars. Lots of them, in fact. Some I gaze at, some I scribble on, some I assign to particular projects alone. You can imagine my delight, then, when I read over at the kitchn about a free calendar download from the Cottage Industrialist themed around seasonal produce. Each month uses bright colors and adorable graphics to describe what's in season and can be printed onto 8.5x11 paper. Starting 2010 by exclaiming "now featuring 100% more collards" is my kinda calendar. Go download a calendar of your own and thank CI for giving us such cuteness to kick off the year (only the first six months are available so far). Mine's on cardstock and tied with ribbon ... I need to start filling this baby in!


  1. Love the calendar! Hubs has banned me from eating anymore colllards. I made the best batch after New Years Day, then another and another. After eating them a couple time of day for 5 days, my digestive system was, um, disgruntled? Hee.

    I love the Victorian New Wave paper as well- it feeds my love of good pun.

  2. YES to the seasonal foods calendar! I'm downloading mine right now. Hope you had a productive/enjoyable trip to D.C.

  3. Man, those peanuts sound good. And who doesn't love Bertie County?!

  4. I happened upon your blog. Lovely, by the way. I saw the Bertie Co. peanuts and got excited. I am from a Martin County which is the county south of Bertie. Every Christmas someone in town would give my dad a jar of these peanuts. The next time I go to home (I live in Louisiana now) I'll have to find a jar. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


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