Friday, August 13, 2010

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

This is how I've taken to dealing with workday stress:

Parenthood! With my celebrity doppelganger Lauren Graham, above (oh how I want her hair). I love this show. My sister and her husband told me forever ago that I'd love it, and I already knew I loved the cast, but I didn't have mental space for another tv show last year. Hulu to the summer rescue! My tv boyfriend Peter Krause to ease the workday pain!

I'm writing up a storm today to get the weekend here already. I'm pumped to see this movie, and also to see this guy live on Sunday. I already warned our fellow concert-goers that we're going to have to make out during our wedding song.

Any fun weekend plans in your neck of the woods?


  1. 1) LOVE Parenthood! Nick and I are counting down the days until the new season begins. 2) Yeah, Ray! Where are you seeing him perform? I saw him in NYC a few years ago and fell in love. And, of course, you know we share a wedding song, right? 3) Good luck wrapping up your work and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love Parenthood but for the first three episodes all I could think was, "Isn't Nate supposed to be dead?"

    I'm sorry your work week has been hectic, but your weekend sounds fabulous! The sort of fabulous that warrants an exclamation point.

  3. Love Parenthood! Lauren Graham is fabulous - and a great celebrity doppelganger for you! I can totally see the resemblance!

    And I LOVE your wedding song. We wanted to choose that as our first dance song but B and I - okay - I am a terrible dancer. I couldn't dance to that song without looking like an awkard duck. So we had to find something I could manage. :)

    Hope your weekend is relaxing after your hectic week. Enjoy the concert!!!

  4. I have just started the first episode of Parenthood (like literally ten minutes ago). It has only just started in Australia. I am scared she is just Lorelai all over again. Not that it would be terrible - I love me some Gilmore Girls!

  5. Haven't watched Parenthood yet, but I want to! I need to check out Hulu.

    I love this Ray LaMontagne song! We saw a couple use it as their song at a wedding last month!


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