Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Late summer dahlias

Before I started growing dahlias, they were my favorite flower. Six months after planting my Biltmore bulbs, I'm even more in awe of these flowers. They're so slow-growing and stubborn; I can't imagine the volume and control needed to compose things like my wedding bouquets on demand. A friend of mine from high school told me her husband's family has a dahlia farm; I must know more! I have four varieties outside in my little patio garden. Here's how they're doing:

These dark beauties were the first dahlias to bloom, and only come out to say hi every now and then. When they do, I'm a picture-snapping fool around them! I have two more starting to peek out now.

The peach dahlias have been my most prolific by far. The color is beautiful, but they're much smaller than the other varieties. Check out how many of them dot the background of this distant shot. (I've included some close-ups here and here.)

I've only had two blooms so far from the "Caribbean Fantasy" variety. The combination of yellow and pink is gorgeous... but both of them seemed to have the bottoms slightly sawed-off! Any thoughts as to why?

One section of my dahlia plantings has remained stubbornly bloomless for months, so I'm thrilled that this one has finally started to come out and play - it was my favorite when I picked out bulbs! Enter "Tahiti Sunrise." Come out out, pretty one, I'm waiting with my camera!

I'll be sure to chart this one's progress, although I fear I'll miss its best moments when I'm out of town this weekend. Ah well - hopefully it's out to play now for good!


  1. Gorgeous! I remain in awe of your green thumb.

  2. I too LOVE dahlias!
    Hooray for your beautiful patio garden.


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