Monday, August 16, 2010

Nice little weekend

First up, this movie is so much geeky fun in one sitting, it hurts. Really, go see it. It's perfectly cast, adorably video gamed-up, self-conscious and gentle and biting and sweet and funny, and the music (Beck!) rocks.

Second, our patio work continues. I've had this beaten-up table for years (see its original incarnation here) and haven't been protecting it from the outdoor elements at all. It's been getting some TLC of late as part of our makeover efforts outside (pics soon!). Here it is after the weekend, sanded/refinished/repainted and ready for waterproofing:

Third: Ray LaMontagne! Such a good show with David Gray. My pal Dan is nominating himself for Husband of the Year for seeing David Gray three times this year at his wife's request. I enjoyed my first-timer DG status, although did feel badly this his nice light gray English suit was nearly black with sweat by concert's end. The other tragedy of the night was that I left five pounds of potato salad I made for tailgating in the fridge at home because I accidentally packed two containers of quinoa instead. D'oh! Hearing Ray sing our wedding song live made me pretty giddy, though. The man is fantastic!

Finally, bedroom makeover at long last! While the rest of our place has advanced to "completed decor" status, our bedroom has languished in a sad state since we got here. We had photos of bedding taped on the wall, potential paint samples everywhere, boxed art lying around, etc. We found bedding at long last and jumped on this totally inspiring paint color to make it pop. I'm obsessed with the color! Here's a messy bedding pic with the bed still in the middle of the room for paint-drying purposes, but you get the idea. The room is finally on its way, which feels pretty great. Can't wait to decorate these walls and get myself organized in there now! I'll post pics once we're finished, which feels like it might actually happen now that this step is done.


  1. That bedding is GORGEOUS! Love it. Glad you enjoyed Ray LaMontagne and David Gray - though, how could you not?!?

  2. That is a beautiful color, although I never really trust that the computer monitor is representing it correctly-- looks like a light coral/dark peachy color? My bedroom is totally going in that direction too-- the silk that I bought for curtains is that color, although I'm contrasting it with light grey walls. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Love the bedding! Where did you get it?

  4. Thanks ladies! The bedding is from Pottery Barn, and the wall is called "powdered brick" - a deep orange/red.

    (Sasha - your color combination sounds so lovely - can't wait to see it!)

  5. The bedding and paint color are amazing! No wonder you're in love with them!!


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