Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

Ahhh... weekend! I need this one, how about you? Join me in a round of applause for paper and Paul this week:

Side Street Stationery

I stumbled upon this stationery this week and have been repeatedly peeking at my bookmark ever since. The urban form! The pennants! The colors! 

studiokmo's Mapcuts

I've long crushed on papercuts (I'm looking at you, Rob Ryan), and have a slew of them favorited on etsy. It's easy to forget a hidden gem that way, and I'd completely forgotten about these gorgeous papercut maps until Paper Crave's post this week. Studiokmo's mapcuts are spectacular - perfect stuff for this paper-lover and city-lover.

Paul Rudd, way back when...

Crushing on Paul Rudd isn't exactly ground-breaking, but I have no shame. Here's a video of Paul way back in the day when he worked the Bat Mitzvah DJ circuit. Ahh, humble beginnings... that hair! that outfit! that enthusiasm! (Via the crudely flamboyant man who makes me laugh like no other, dlisted.)


  1. oh wow. Everything about that Bat Mitzvah is perfect. Paul's outfit is great- and the added surprise that he's actually wearing shorts! And the girl's dress?

    I love it all!

  2. Oh goodness, I love Paul Rudd. And this video! It's too much. The hair is great. My favorite Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd from Clueless. Love him in that!!

  3. ohmygah the hair.

    I love him though. I cannot get enough of him. I will watch this again just to get more of Paul Rudd!

  4. I'm obsessed with the stationery... ordering now.


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